With the New Year well under way, we’ve all no doubt made some sort of a new years resolution to exercise more, eat better and stay fit. Though it’s often a common occurrence where these resolutions only seem to last a few months until they’re forgotten about or we’re simply just “over it”. As we are staring off this New Year with a new moon, why not start yourself off with something that is going to have long lasting benefits not only on your outer physique but also on your inner well-being.

According to the words of  a Marianne Wells Yoga Instructor, “Yoga is a practice, which provides both instant gratifications as well as lasting transformations”. These two elements are both equally important when leading a happy and healthy lifestyle. Yoga encourages an overall health throughout ones being, through changing your physical and mental capacity for the long-term. As well as yoga’s focus on strength training and flexibility, your body becomes strengthened from the inside-out. Through helping you relieve stress and de-cluttering your mind, yoga practice allows you to become better focused in your everyday life.

One Hot Yoga is a contemporary studio in South Yarra, which separates the core teachings of yoga from the cultural practices that have historically surrounded it. As “One” is the first and lowest whole number, meaning unity, it is the foundation upon which ‘One Hot Yoga’ conducts its practices. Coupled with a beautiful simplistic space, their aim is to serve yoga to the Melbourne community one ‘Namaste’ at a time.

Their style of teachings incorporate an environment of 37˚C, equal to that of our core body temperature, thereby dissolving the sensation of separateness from our surroundings. This equilibrium between the outside and inside of the body allows students to submerge into the practice, melting any tensions away and letting go of any distractions. This temperature of yoga practice is the optimum temperature at which maximum benefits are achieved, such as burning calories and increasing ones heart rate. With each practice you notice even more benefits, including: a weight normalization; power, strength and control; grace; agility; steadiness of the mind, an emotional stability and pure peacefulness.

This yoga practice is quite gratifying and is definitely worth checking out.

One Hot Yoga

36 River Street, South Yarra


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