As part of its global ‘Abuse is Not Love’ program, aimed at combating intimate partner violence (IPV) by supporting prevention programs in over 25 countries, YSL Beauty has announced its Australian non-profit partner and local initiatives. In Australia, YSL Beauty has partnered with leading specialist intimate partner violence service, FVREE in a mission to equip YSL Beauty employees and young Australians with the tools and information to spot possible signs of abuse and take action against intimate partner violence (IPV).

FVREE is a non-profit organisation that has been serving the Australian community and supporting women and children experiencing intimate partner violence for over 28 years. Through a range of programs and services, FVREE provides primary prevention, early-intervention, response and recovery services dedicated to disrupting the cycle of intimate partner violence. Through its partnership with FVREE, YSL Beauty is expected to have trained almost 1,000 people by year’s end, including its employees and young Australians, to educate them on the warning signs of abuse.

IPV is one of the most common forms of violence against women and includes physical, sexual, financial and emotional abuse as well as controlling behaviours by an intimate partner. In Australia, one woman is killed by her intimate partner on average every week*. Intimate Partner Violence affects individuals from all socioeconomic, religious, and cultural groups, however, women are most at risk, with the highest rates seen among young adults aged 16-24. Through partnering with FVREE, YSL Beauty aims to assist in raising awareness on the key warning signs of IPV and ultimately create long-term change in Australia.

An abusive intimate relationship can have 9 key warning signs.  “The prevalence of intimate partner violence in Australia is shameful and unacceptable,” says FVREE CEO, Christine Mathieson. “We know that gender inequality is the main driver of intimate partner violence, and we need to change attitudes towards gender to stop violence before it occurs. It’s critical to work at an individual, community and system level to make meaningful change. With partners like YSL Beauty taking a stand and supporting us to make a difference, we can reach more people – we can really achieve our mission to see a world free from violence.”


FVREE’s IPV-focused training program, funded by YSL Beauty, is built around three key pillars that include interactive workshops for YSL Beauty’s network of local beauty advisors, to teach these beauty professionals to spot possible signs IPV, and know what to say and do if a client shares their experience; training for YSL Beauty corporate and L’Oreal Group AU leadership team to build their capacity and confidence to support colleagues or team members who may be experiencing IPV at home; and external training programs facilitated for young Australians, to equip them with the skills and confidence to take action to prevent and respond to intimate partner violence in their community. The interactive sessions will explore gender, equality and building respectful relationships. The training will be provided online and in local schools, sporting clubs and tertiary institutions all across Australia.

The FVREE and YSL Beauty team at the ‘Abuse is not love’ launch in Melbourne with host Sarah Abo and Tayla Damir who bravely shared her IPV story.

“Supporting women, especially when it comes to their independence, is central to the way the brand acts. Intimate partner violence hinders the safety, wellbeing, and independence of women,” says Stephan Bezy, International General Manager, YSL


YSL Beauty’s Abuse is Not Love’ initiative was launched in 2020 in Paris, becoming a global movement in the years since. The campaign aims to fund important academic research into IPV, train employees worldwide and educate 2 million people to better deal with and support others to respond to the issue of IPV by 2030.

For more information on the YSL Beauty Abuse is Not Love campaign in partnership with FVREE, visit


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