Retinol is one of those things that my face has a tough relationship with. Most experts tell you to power through the first little while when using a retinol but sometimes my skin just says no, even after multiple uses. Tingly and blotchy red skin have been frequent experiences and it has been hard to find Retinol serums that help my skin without continued reactions. But the new Kiehl’s Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose serum is something that I can definitely recommend as something to use if you have skin like mine and a great way to add retinol to your skincare regime to help keep those fine lines at bay.


What is it?

The serum is a precisely formulated serum with a daily-strength dose of pure retinol to minimise discomfort including redness, dryness and peeling. The micro-dose serum is powerful enough to help maximise the benefits of retinol which help with collagen renewal and help with minimising fine lines. The formulation is balanced with peptides and ceramides to simultaneously promote surface skin turnover whilst also strengthening the skin barrier, optimising the effects of Retinol and visibly renew skin. Unlike other Retinol serums on the market, the addition of the peptides and ceramides to the formulation helps build the skin tolerance for the retinol meaning you can use it both day and night and it is suitable for even those with sensitive skin types.



How did I find it?

When I first used the serum I didn’t notice any skin sensitivity or skin pilling as I’ve found with other retinol serums. It was gentle enough on the skin for first time and continued use over the last two months since I’ve had the serum. I have been using it once a day, in the evenings and it is gentle enough that it can be used with other actives. I’ve been layering it with Kiehl’s Spot corrector as I’ve been trying to help minimise the appearance of my pigmentation and I haven’t found any issues with doing that. I’ve popped the spot corrector on first followed by the retinol and then a hydrating moisturiser. Make sure you let each layer absorb well into the skin before applying the next layer to avoid diluting the actives in each of the serums.

I’ve really loved adding this to my skincare regime and I’ve noticed a real reduction in my fine lines on my forehead after use without the discomfort I’ve experienced in other retinols. If you are looking for a retinol to add to your regime and for something gentle enough then I’d recommend trying this out.

Kiehl’s Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose serum (50ml, $118) is available at or Kiehl’s boutiques and counters at leading department stores.

Images courtesy of Kiehl’s

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