Fashion is a powerful influence  and those behind it’s scene can create large social changes, effecting the way we think. Therefore, working in the fashion industry it is important we don’t take this power for granted. Handbag and accessory label, George, Gina and Lucy is one fashion label certainly aware of the potential fashion has to help a greater cause.
This month, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, George, Gina and Lucy, have desgined a limited edition “tote” bag that embraces the symbolic nature of the fight against breast cancer- a cancer that affects 1 in 8 women around the world. Embodying the  popular pink ribbon beast cancer campaign, the tote is a wonderful example of fashion for cause.
Here Couturing, chats to the designers of the label about all things pink, style and totes.


JAYME: How and why did the label become involved in supporting Breast Cancer Awareness?
GEORGE, GINA AND LUCY: George, Gina and Lucy became involved with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month international in support of this worthwhile cause. The incidence of Breast Cancer in women is increasing at an alarming rate.As an accessories label we wanted to do something to help. The team designed this limited edition bag that embraced the symbolic nature of the cause, embodying the essential feature of the pink ribbon made popular by the campaign.
JAYME: How does the tote reflect the underlying aesthetic of George, Gina and Lucy?
GEORGE, GINA AND LUCY:George, Gina and Lucy have designed the Breast Cancer Awareness tote to reflect the brand’s popular ‘shopping romance’ design. This is turn reflects the brand’s ‘touch of personality’ with every bag designed.
JAYME: What are the key design features of the tote?
GEORGE, GINA AND LUCY: The design is functional with a fresh and funky look. It incorporates a colour blocked nylon tote featuring bright pink accents – including a pink ribbon in patent leather and inner lining – in recognition of breast cancer awareness. Adding to the stylish design of the bag George, Gina and Lucy has used their metallic glitter nylon as the primary material of the tote for the first time.
JAYME: Does the tote show any of key spring/summer trends or styles? 
GEORGE, GINA AND LUCY:Yes, the George, Gina and Lucy Breast Cancer tote alludes to all things bright and fun for summer. Key trends such as neon brights and two tone fabrics have been incorporated into the design to make it more aesthetically pleasing to the consumer.

JAYME: Why do you believe it is important to support Breast Cancer Awareness month? 

GEORGE, GINA AND LUCY: Breast Cancer is an issue that faces so many women of all ages and at any time of their lives. By supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month, George Gina & Lucy hopes to help support prevention and early detection methods which in turn will save lives.


JAYME: How and where can customers use their tote? Is it for every day use or can it also be dressed up for nights out? 

GEORGE, GINA AND LUCY: This tote is the ultimate summer accessory. While it needs no occasion, it is perfect for shopping trips, visits to the gym, and every other daily activity. The versatility of such a bag means that it can be used all the time, day or night, making it not only a valued contribution to a worthwhile cause, but also a great investment.


JAYME: Do you think it is important for the fashion industry as a whole to keep supporting charities of their choice? If yes why? 

GEORGE, GINA AND LUCY: The fashion industry is considered by some to be superficial and shallow, yet this industry is dominated by women, making issues related to women’s health of the upmost importance. Not only should brands be supporting charities but they should be recognized for their contribution to society and the wider implications. It is great that charities gain support from as many facets as possible, and if the fashion industry can help make a change, then that is even better.

The “girls4fight” totes-shopping to support a very significant cause and a bag that is just way too pretty.


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