The innovative Australian startup specialising in sexual health and sleep science, The Department of Bed Intentions, has unveiled its second product just six months after its initial launch. This new release is set to elevate the brand to new heights, embracing the philosophy that pleasure is a practice.
Their newest addition to their growing product line, the Natural Tingle Balm (RRP $48), is a first of its kind in the sex industry. Eco-conscious excitement in the bedroom was introduced with their flagship product, the Water Based Lubricant. The Natural Tingle Balm is here to ignite more fun and more play, minus the presence of harmful chemicals and preservatives.
Maintaining the brand’s commitment to responsible and sustainable practices across all aspects, these oil based capsules are shaking things up – not just in the industry, but in the bedroom too. These multi-purposeful capsules are perfect as a luxurious massage oil, but also as an oil- based lubricant, delivering long lasting comfort and slipperiness.
Each metal tin houses 30 all-natural, single-dosed 750mg capsules, ready to enhance your tactile and intimate experiences. The metal tins are 100% recyclable, plastic- free and sustainable; and the showstopping innovation is the capsules themselves. They have been engineered for effortless dissolution, making them completely water- soluble and dissolvable after use. Simply drop each empty capsule into a cup of boiling water and watch the disappearing act right before your eyes.
“Personally, I go between using water and oil based lubricants because they work for my body. I’m so proud of this product as it’s the first of its kind – combining natural, known ingredients with cutting-edge product formats to provide a safe, effective, and indulgent experience for our growing community”, says Founder, Sophie McGrath.
The Tingle Balm has been developed to bring extra spice to the bedroom. Carefully formulated with all natural ingredients, the real hero behind each capsule’s effectiveness is the presence of Ginger, Cardamom and Peppermint oils. Compounds within these essential oils can help encourage wetness and there’s enough oils to heighten the senses. Whilst they have ensured the oils lay safely within the recommended percentages, they have also promised enough to amplify your focus and sensual seduction.
Without the presence of harmful chemicals or preservatives, these capsules have been crafted with meticulous care. They boast certifications for cruelty- free and vegan standards and have been formulated with premium natural starches and gelling agents. After dissolving these capsules, they are completely safe to enter any plumbing zones.
Bite, tear or twist off the top of the capsule and squeeze the balm onto your fingers or skin. Be sure to apply the balm to your erogenous zones and anticipate the cool, tingling sensation that is set to deliver new heights to your bedroom activities
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