Planning a single wedding is said to take over two hundred hours, so it’s easy to see why so many brides-to-be lose all focus and control. How does one decide what style will suit the wedding? Or more importantly, decide on all the consequent decorations, and cogitate if the venue supports Florerias en Houston.
From the guest list, right up until you’re walking down the aisle, everything needs to be planned in advance. Thankfully, for the closet bridezilla’s out there, there are people who make it their duty to do it for you. From big, high-budget event planners to internet bloggers, we’ve catalogued our favourites here, and even included a few helpful hints to aid you along the way.


We sourced two names in the event planning and decorating industry that we found particularly unique and fascinating. One of the big names in events and specifically, wedding planning, is Melbourne based event planners – The Style Co. And if it’s beauty you want on a budget, we’ve also chosen the talented minds behind Vintage Affair.

The Style Co plans for both the big and little names in events, placing within them the same panache and elegance you’d expect of a celebrity wedding. Marie Cruz, The Style Co’s Founder and Creative Director, puts all her love and finesse into her business. “We do entire events from start to finish, from weddings, private parties to launches and corporate functions.”

“We will create a concept that you adore, the event will be designed so that you love it, we’ll run everything by you and make sure it’s all catered to what you want.” The Style Co. covers everything from the concept, flowers, décor and furniture, invitations, the cake (of course), audio visual, lighting and anything else that you want done. They also just released their own range of boutique stationary.


So why did Marie decide to start up in the crazy world of event planning? “Honestly, I genuinely love what I do, I wouldn’t change it for a 9-5 job at all. I believe that every event should be an I-can’t-believe-how-awesome-that-was experience from start to finish, I want to inspire not only our clients but their guests, and then do it all over again!”

There aren’t many larger companies who will promise such an individually-tailored experience and Marie assures us that they are the exception,  “we plan and co-ordinate your wedding from start to finish, we try to make it as stress-free as possible, my amazing team and I put in the long hours with heart and soul for all our designs. We plan our weddings a little differently to the rest of the planners, there are no formulas here. We do it for pushing boundaries and most of all, for their faces when they step foot in the door.” Convinced? We are too.



A Vintage Affair
For something a little more low-key, we also covered vintage lovers – A Vintage Affair. We spoke to Lee George about his niche business and how it takes bold steps away from the highly-popular contemporary setting.  “We do events from Hen’s days and weddings, to kitchen teas and baby showers. Vintage Affair brings a touch of old world charm and elegance to any occasion”. Lee stocks everything from tea sets, sugar bowls, teapots, wine & champagne glasses and silver cutlery. He also includes the larger, more difficult to source items such as vases and table runners. Everything you need for that special day, they’ve got in droves. So why not add a touch of charm and exclusivity to your next soirée?


Vintage Affair is also perfect for those with a smaller budget; they provide planning for your wedding, help with catering, assist you in set-up and of course, provide on-site management, for those unexpected matters.


Lee guides you as you choose what you need and fits to your style, personal taste and budget. “The op shop and vintage style is very popular at the moment, having mismatched items that still have a classic elegance about them; it’s also very easy to do on a tighter budget”. And if you’re more inclined to do it all yourself, Vintage Affair also run an online store that stocks candles, crystal beverage dispensers and vintage mason jars. For a low-key wedding with a Gatsby feel, give Lee a call.



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