Even though your dress, hair and makeup are all very important on your wedding day, brides tend to forget the importance of their hands and nails. Your hands and nails will have new found attention on your wedding day as they will be showcasing your beautiful wedding band. It is vital that they look their best and that you choose how you would like to showcase your nails several months before your big day.

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Real of Fake – What Nail Type Should I Go For? 

Acrylics, shellac and natural nails are all options for you can chose from. It is important to understand that each have their positives and negatives, and above all you choose one that you like and you feel comfortable with on your special day.


This artificial nail is very popular with brides. They are glued onto your natural nail resulting in them being very durable. Acrylics are very popular as you can choose the desired length and the chances of them breaking are minimal. Although they look great, once they are removed your nails do become much weaker and may take several weeks to become stronger. If you decide on acrylic nails, it is advisable you get them done professionally as it is an important day for your nails to look amazing!




Shellac is the latest nail product that brides have been using as it does not ruin your nails and it looks natural. This half gel and half nail polish lasts for at least 14 days without smudging, scratching or chipping.  Although it has great flexibility it is very durable which is perfect for your wedding day. Shellac can be applied at home if you have the relevant UV light however for your wedding day it is highly recommended it is applied professionally. You can either get a French manicure finish or any colour that you desire.



Many brides want their nails to look natural on their wedding day. It can be very difficult to keep your nails at a perfect length as they may break easily hence they can be high maintenance. To protect your nails from discolouring before your big day, wear a base coat. Base coats will protect your nails from gaining a yellow tinge and has great nutrients and fortifiers to keep your nails strong.




Care and Preparation 

Having regular manicures prior to your wedding is a great pre-wedding ritual which can be done at home or done professionally. These will keep your hands soft and will get rid of any cracks and dry skin. Ensure that you get your last manicure as close to your wedding as possible so they stay soft and looking radiant on your special day.

Moisturising your hands every night is also important to keep them soft and hydrated. Ensure you buy a good hand lotion such as Jurlique’s Rose Hand Cream.  This can be purchased from Jurlique’s website or at any Jurlique store or outlet from $28.

Besides having manicures, care for your hands by wearing rubber gloves when cleaning and using water. This will protect your skin and nails from harsh chemicals.



Your options are endless when it comes to nail colour. It is important that you take into consideration your dress,  theme of the wedding, your personality and above all, what you feel comfortable with. Traditionally brides opt for a pale colour or a french white tip which looks classy. Other colours can also be considered.


Red – For any bride going for that vintage look. Goes great with a beautiful red lipstick.



Fuchsia, Coral, Peach – Great Summer colour or if you are going for a beach theme.


Pale Pink – Feminine and pretty making any bride feel like a princess


It is important you can confidently display your hands as they are the centre of the day showcasing your beautiful wedding band and engagement ring. Start your hand and nail care early in order to give you a beautiful, bridal appearance!


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