They say life is all about the journey, and since your wedding is symbolic of married life, why not make your transport there symbolic too.

Recently couples have been getting more and more creative with weddings in a bid for an excursion away from the classic white wedding. Traditionally, you would show up to reception in a black limo or maybe an old english Jag. But what does this say about you, that you’re corporate or vaguely English? Why do we resort to the standard affair of transportation when it’s our most personalised day?

In years past, youth has shone through in wedding transport with american muscle being a favourite to show class with a nod to rebellion. Melbourne is renowned for being a hub for creative types, so it’s only natural that our weddings showcase such individuality. For the eco-friendly couple who would rather not use a gallon of gas per person to arrive, why not travel in suited-up bicycle convoy? Better yet, a tandem-bicycle convoy? Save the gasoline and arrive on the power of lurrve.

And if you did want to hint at English heritage, don’t arrive in a London taxi or 60’s BMW, take a Double-Decker bus!

Show your pop cluture roots and arrive in a Delorian.

When it comes to your wedding vehicle, don’t be compliant to rule, even if you both feel that a white wedding is for you. Make your arrival your signature piece. The entrance, as a bride will know, is the first ‘gasp’ moment. Make it memorable, ladies and gents. Take a monster truck, a llama or even a Segway. Be eccentric and most importantly, be yourselves. It’s the first day of the rest of your lives together.

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