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The air grew a little cooler as Melbourne’s Tonic House opened its cellar doors last week, the latest and last installation to this unique venue. Not only did this mark the launch of the cellar but also the opening night of Pat Gavin’s first solo exhibition. Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock Gavin has created sixteen works for his Welcome To Hollywood Mr. Hitchcock showing.

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The series of oil paintings paired with The Greatest Show on Earth’s signature stylish catering made for a fabulous evening; birds flocked, ladies frocked, pop corn popped and Pat Gavin Hitchcock-ed. Couturing had a fantastic time mingling with Melbourne’s socialites, delighting in the array of hors d’oeuvres and never really knowing what was coming next, suspense is essential for a Hitchcock themed event.

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In true Hitchcock style, the event had more a than a few aces up its sleeve. The guests were all dressed to the nines, some even bore a fascinator to keep in theme. Performance artists channelled Hitchcock from their bodices to their hair, posing against walls, wrists cocked to their foreheads, mouths open in silent screams. If we weren’t being offered fat cigars of duck liver pâté and delicately seasoned quail eggs, i’m sure we would have been scared too.

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The night closed with guests being escorted to the rooftop for some fresh air, fairy lights and little bit of soul. The catering continued to impress with desserts that made your tongue drown and dress pull. The brains behind the launch then thanked the countless contributors for their assistance as guests watched a time-lapse video of the event projected 40 metres high on the neighbouring building.

If you’ve been skimming up to this point, know one thing, this was a night not to be missed; guests left having crooned, swooned and loomed over the city below.

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Welcome  To Hollywood Mr. Hitchcock

Tonic house Cellar

386 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, 3000

Open May 1st-5th, 10am to 3pm


Photography by Jasmine Blom

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