With winter settling in nicely in the southern hemisphere, Couturing looks to the north for some sartorial salvation from the cold. Layering is still prevailing, whilst mixing it with bright pieces to warm things up a bit appears to be a key look. We’re also seeing a gender bender trend with menswear finding its way onto the backs off womenswear. Nontraditional fabrics are also being used to finish of Fall/Winter looks.


Adding a bright or patterned layer this winter can boost any men’s or women’s wear outfit. If you’re feeling bold, layer as many prints as you can whilst keeping a plain or simple layer in check. Layering is the surest bet to keep you warm in winter, whilst making use of all your style staples stashed in the closet.

Take a lesson from these images, effortlessly cool but with deliberate clashing and or pairing of each layer. Finish off any look with a colour block or subtle print scarf. Similarly in the men’s domain, add the extra element of a tie.

layering 3

layering 1

layering 2


Menswear is finding it’s way into womenswear this season as a main motif.  Labels like Lanvin, Karen Walker and Rag & Bone adopted Houndstooth, Herringbone and Prince of Wales as an all over number. Where we have usually seen designers add an element of menswear for empowering, this season we have seen total domination. Menswear fabrics, especially for winter, are typically heavier and hence make a great partner in fighting off the chilly temperatures. Don’t be afraid to go macho, but always retain an element of femininity.

Tommy Ton captures the trend perfectly with these images; notice there’s still always a piece of womenswear in the mix? Women’s trousers can tone down the masculinity, even if they’re finished off in a men’s motif.

menx mix 2


mens mix


mens mix 3


Unconventional and not-so-traditional looks have also found their way into winter. With new materials providing new looks and new feels for the colder months. With the inception of Burberry’s purple and fluorescent blue space blanket jackets last F/W, vinyl, PVC and sheen jackets and numbers have taken off. The thickness and industrial-like-quality of them makes them perfect for winter, the new leather perhaps. Combine trends and wear a sheen, Vinyl trench for that empowered look.

burberry jacket

sheen trench


So-called “Pajama” dressing has taken off too, with comfort and climate control trumping sleek silhouettes and conventional cold dressing. Print cotton and flannel pants or shirts look great with more formal or minimal pieces. Likewise with the sports-luxe and sneaker-freaker culture finding its way into the high-street, trainers look great when contrasted against formal ensembles or tied into an all over street aesthetic à la Alexander Wang.  The look lends itself perfectly to both menwear and womenswear.

Combine styles and layers this winter, pairing it back or turning it up with bright colour blocked layers. Be brave and channel your inner bravado during the colder months ladies, topping things off with men’s coats or all out pant-suit looks. Step into the future with sneakers to boot, space-age fabrics or keep nice and cosy in pajama style.

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