The prestigious National Academy of Beauty is thrilled to launch a partnership with world-renowned makeup artist Rae Morris, in the newly created position of Creative Ambassador. Couturing attended the launch of the new beauty HQ and has the tips and tricks for flawless makeup from the genius herself. Read on to find out our top beauty tricks!

Celebrating a newly refurbished residence in the heart of Melbourne’s Flinders Street, the state of the art National Academy of Beauty has much more to offer than city skyline views. The school, established in 2003 has recognised over 17,000 students with Diplomas in quality training and specialties including Specialist Makeup and Beauty Therapy qualifications. The state of the art classrooms, fully equip with the latest technology in beauty therapy and premium quality makeup will now be residence to internationally acclaimed makeup artist Rae Morris.

“The reason I chose to partner with the National Academy of Beauty is because they have the same passion and dedication to education as I do, and they want their students to see firsthand what it’s like to work in my industry,” says Morris.

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Fresh from her 150th directed show at VAMFF, Rae Morris is celebrating the newly appointed role with the release of her new book, titled ‘Rae Morris Makeup Master Class’. The beauty bible is limited addition and offers everything you need to know, spanning over her 30-year career in beauty. From step-by-step demonstrations to face and colour charts, this book even teaches you how to wipe ten years off your age with the perfect foundation application.

Couturing attended one of the Master classes on offer and learnt some interesting beauty hacks. Here is our Top 5 most interesting beauty finds, straight from the master herself.

1. DIY Cleanser

Let’s start with the base. Rae always begins her makeup application by exfoliating a client’s skin first using her own DIY cleanser. Using Bi Carb Soda with a water-based cleanser (her favourite is Cetaphil), gently rub the face to cleanse pores. This is great for getting rid of dryness around the T-Zone area.

2. Foundation Application

One of our favourite brush applicators seen on the day is the Rae Morris Radiance Brushes (No.26 and No.27). This is Rae’s all time favourite brush that she can’t live without. Perfect for all foundations, from mineral powders to liquid body makeup, its designed to give your foundation an ‘airbrushed’ finish. Tip: Rae never uses a sponge for makeup as it absorbs more of the product than your face and unless you wash it regularly, it will become quiet unhygienic too.

3. Highlighting

Try to avoid glittery highlighters. Glitter pigments don’t stick to the skin very well and this can cause you to look like a glitter disco ball. If you’re going to highlight, make sure you do it in the right places. Focus on your forehead, brow bone, inner eye corner, nose bridge, upper cheekbone, middle eyelid and cupid’s bow. Also, don’t mix cream or grease-based highlighters on top of powder-based foundations because it’ll break up the foundation (I’m sure we have done this all before). Rae’s general rule is ‘don’t highlight anything you don’t want to draw attention to’. Follow it.

4. Concealer

Do not use your finger to blend under the eye – bacteria anyone?! Rae recommends using a synthetic concealer brush (Brush No.20) as it won’t absorb the product on your skin and a fine brush is much more accurate (and hygienic) than your finger

5. Lips & Lashes

Move over Kylie Jenner, overdrawing your lip line can really age you. It is always best to get a desired lip shape when the mouth is closed then fill it in. Extending a lipstick or liner to the end of your lips can really age you so know your mouth edge limit. Rae tells us to never extend the outer bottom lip – take it from the expert! As for Lashes, there is a reason Rae hates using the term ‘falsies’. It’s important that while applying lashes, you want them to look at natural at possible. Rae’s trick to perfect lashes is taking the eyelash strip and cutting it into three pieces. Now, throw away the middle piece so you’re only left with the opening and end pieces. In the middle of the lid, only apply small individual lashes. This will give you the perfect flirty lashes and top off with her favourite L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara.



Teaching the audience that beauty is science, Rae demonstrated the Phi model. Also known as the Golden Number or more commonly, the Fibonacci sequence, this beauty myth is literally maths! Noting that some of our favourite celebrities – think Angelina Jolie and Marilyn Monroe – follow this golden rule religiously, we break it down for you. According to Morris, the sequence is “deeper than just symmetry and proportion”. It’s the proportions of your face aligned, or in beauty terms, how to foolproof your eyes in appearing bigger with a few liner strokes. Working alongside an elite plastic surgeon in Chicago, Morris put the sequence to the test and developed a new way of beauty.

“There is a science behind beauty and now I have learnt how to put it down on paper,” says Morris.

The 2016 Rae Morris “Pro Makeup Series” workshops are a set of intimate classes created for Rae to share the wealth of knowledge, tips and tricks she has accumulated over her incredible 30-year career. More information and tickets can be purchased from


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