Feast of Merit takes its name from Naga culture in far North-eastern India.  There, when someone acquires wealth, they choose to hold a festival, a Feast of Merit.  The whole community including the poor and disadvantaged are then invited to enjoy the fruits of their assets.  Once everything of value is shared, the person returns to the community with no wealth but with the respect and gratitude of the whole village.

Two years ago, a group of volunteers took the plunge and opened Feast of Merit on Swan Street, Richmond. Founded on the ethos of community and giving back, Feast of Merit estimates than in their first 2 years of business the cafe/restaurant has sold 103,476 coffees, 11,097 chai lattes, 22,839 flat breads and 3,259 gin and tonics.  By any standard thats alot of happy customers (or 208,428 to be exact).

We can now add 1 Rooftop bar to those impressive numbers.

At its recent opening, happy punters were told how the rooftop bar was formerly a space where staff gathered after a hard day’s work to enjoy a well earned drink at the end of a long day of service.  Someone then mentioned how great it would be if the space was an actual bar.  So the idea for the rooftop bar was born.


In a hidden space, high above Swan Street, surrounded by amazing murals, you can enjoy a refreshing ale courtesy of Coopers, a selection of locally sourced wines or partake in their signature cocktails.  We can recommend you try the Espresso Martini, made with St Ali coffee or the tangy Vanilla Berry Sour.


There is also a selection of bar snacks catered by the kitchen downstairs, led by the talented Jarryd Goudrey.

Reminiscent of Feast of Merit’s restaurant fare, the Rooftop menu will have a vibrant selection of middle- eastern snacks including cured Tasmanian ocean trout with ras el hanout, spiced organic almonds with chickpeas and Merguez sausages with labneh.

Whichever way you dice it, the rooftop bar at Feast of Merit is set to be a high on the list of locals as a place to take in the Melbourne vibe high above the rooftops of Richmond.


Go early to grab a seat as the bar fills up quickly to be standing room only.


Feast of Merit Rooftop bar will be open Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 5pm – late, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 3pm – late.

Feast of Merit

Upstairs, 117 Swan Street Richmond




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