No mess, no fuss and non toxic, threading is an Indian and Middle Eastern technique that removes facial hair using a twisted piece of thread. Dating back to the era of Cleopatra, threading has been extremely popular throughout the eastern world and only recently this method has become popular in the western countries including Australia and the United States.


Thin cotton threads are twisted and rolled over the unwanted hair pulling even the smallest hairs that waxing cannot get a hold of. Compared to other types of hair removal, this method is 100% natural and is suitable for all skin types. It has positive effects on those who have sensitive skin and severe reactions to waxing and other hair removal products. Compared to waxing which removes the top layers of your skin, threading does not damage the skin and instead only pulls the hair follicles.

threading diagram

As the hair is pulled out from the follicles, the regrowth process can take anywhere between three to fours weeks. Once the process takes place on a regular basis, the new hairs grow thiner and slower.

Threading has also been known to help circulation and to lightly exfoliate the area where the hair has been removed. On top of all these positive attributes of this method of hair removal, threading is does not ruin the environment like waxing. Waxing disposes of wax and plenty of paper where as the  threading only utilises a piece of string.

Ensure that threading is always done by a professional as it is highly recommended not to attempt this at home especially if there is no experience involved. If it is not done correctly the hair can break during the process which can be quite painful and cause irritation.

Threading salons can be found all over Australia especially shopping centers. In less than fifteen minutes your eye brows will look clean, defined and sexy eliminating any unwanted hair.


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