Fashion lovers rejoice! Dutch designer duo, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren are returning to the world of haute couture after a whopping 13 years. Viktor & Rolf, renowned for their theatrical designs and avant-garde runway shows, will be showing their high fashion collection this July in Paris as part of the Fall 2013 Couture shows.

For Viktor & Rolf fans, it’s been a long-awaited comeback to see them grace the runway with their crazy, innovative designs once again. Celebrating 20 years this year, the return could not have been more timely.

Past couture shows by the duo have been breathtakingly spectacular, with particular note taken of their incredible Fall 1999 “Russian Doll” couture collection involving a model being dressed layer after layer by each look from the stunning collection.


Whilst their hiatus from couture has been long and lengthy, Viktor and Rolf have continued to show their Ready-To-Wear collections each year with signature high fashion pieces present in each which have yet to disappoint.


“Returning to couture now, on our 20th anniversary, feels like coming full circle,” Viktor Horsting told Women’s Wear Daily. The duo feel ready to conquer the couture world once again, going back to where they started. The theatrics, the drama and the clothes will no doubt inspire, invigorate and awaken their thirst for fashion.

“The shows are, let’s say, a little bit more real. It’s just a little bit more about ready-to-wear, but next to that, for us, fashion is so much more than that…So we thought it was a great opportunity to start doing couture again to express the other side of fashion, you know: fashion as a laboratory.”‘

We are already counting down the days.



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