Don a white shirt tomorrow in support of ovarian cancer. Launched in 2011, the annual Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) White Shirt Day invites all Australians to wear a white shirt to show support and raise awareness for women and their families who are affected by this disease.



The basic white shirt symbolises how ovarian cancer has the potential to affect anyone, with no early detection test or cure available, and one Australian woman dying from the disease every 10 hours.


Jessica Gomes, a Witchery White Shirt Campaign ambassador

In partnership with Witchery‘s annual White Shirt Campaign and madison magazine, the OCRF has raised over $3.6 million dollars. Tomorrow’s White Shirt Day is becoming more significant each year, and is present on all social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This year’s dedicated hashtag is #whiteshirt2013 so jump online tomorrow with a photo of you wearing your best white shirt. It’s an easy and simple way to show your support for Aussie women.  You can also donate directly to the campaign here.

Images courtesy of OCRF and Witchery

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