The beauty industry is apt at coming up with clever ways to part you with your money. Every minute it is coming up with new ‘must-have’ items and products that promise to do all sorts of things. It is hard to decipher what’s hot or not and generally people err on the side of caution. However, the discovery of  the Jane Iredale ‘Magic Mitt’ ($39.95), a small pink cloth that removes all traces of makeup with nothing but water, makes you wonder if this caution means we could be missing out on great things.  Magic Mitt… enough said. To my surprise this little purchase has been a fantastic addition to my makeup kit. It is completely gentle and easy to use and does exactly what it says it will. It removes my makeup without cleansers or removers.


Using the Magic Mitt is a wonderful way to cleanse and remove makeup because it does not affect the skin’s natural acid mantle. In other words, it does not strip the skin which a lot of makeup removers do. Especially when the next step in your beauty routine is generally to cleanse or tone, it makes no sense to be over-cleansing the skin. When the skin is over cleansed by the use of chemical removers or detergents and then followed by your own cleanser or toner, the skin can become over stripped and react with allergies or irritations. The Magic Mitt keeps the beneficial acid mantle barrier intact which aids the skin in protecting itself from harmful bacteria which can cause breakouts. Once the skin is clean and at its natural state, it is fine to begin your normal cleansing routine.


The mitt is so quick and the best part is it’s compact and easy to pack. It doesn’t create mess and you don’t get water everywhere! It’s especially great for the gym. Sometimes if I have a meeting and want to go straight to the gym, this mitt is fantastic for quickly taking off my makeup. I have even got one to use on clients who are having a makeup application, but have traces of mascara or foundation on. This mitt is a clean and quick way to remove any last traces of their makeup and I know will not cause irritations like some chemicals may do.


The mitt can be cleaned by rinsing in soapy water and left to air dry. Simple.



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