Got a free Friday or Saturday night in the next couple of weeks? Well, grab a couple of friends and shimmy your way to Somerset Place, which becomes heavily doused in tequila and all things Mexican thanks to the Si Senor Pop-Up Taqueria.


Every Friday and Saturday, until the 25th of May, Somerset Place will be filled with Latin tunes, signature tequila cocktails, art installations and of course, tacos to warm the belly. You will know you’re in the right place, when you spot a vibrantly coloured projection on the back wall of the alley, by projection artist Nick Azidis.

Couturing had the pleasure of attending the opening night, the Las Laneway Fiesta, and here are a couple of must do’s :


Order your tacos early, by 8:30pm several flavours were already sold out; and seeing as former Mamasita chef Guillermo Ortiz was making them, this came as no surprise. The beef and vegetarian tacos had vibrant flavours, with a nice kick of chilli and were deceptively filling ($20 for 4).


Bring a friend as you’ll want company lining up at the bar on the upper level of Gallery ONE THREE. Although it can take a while, the signature tequila cocktails are creative, fun and worth the wait. You are not going to find a jelly and chocolate rimmed-mole inspired margarita anywhere else in town (for the bargain price of $10). The Rio Bravo beer also makes a great option for something a little more low-key.


Move around and check out the different spaces and yes you can bring your drink outside with you. You never know what you might stumble upon, like someone doing a traditional Mexican cleansing with a smoke pipe that smells deliciously of eucalyptus.

Tasty tacos, cheap drinks and a great atmosphere for making friends. If you didn’t have plans this weekend, you certainly do now.

Si Senor Pop-Up Taqueria
Gallery One Three
13 Somerset Place, Melbourne

May 3rd — May 4th, 6:00pm
May 10th — May 11th, 6:00pm
May 17th — May 18th, 6:00pm

Closing time is 1:00am on Fridays and 12:00am on Saturdays.

Free entry, but pay for drinks and food

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