Sub Rosa Collections has defined itself as the latest destination for fashion jewellery and accessories.

A Melbourne based business created by local girl Emma Camilleri (pictured), the collection is influenced by the distinct creative culture Melbourne exudes, and aims to provide a unique take on global trends.

Thara: What made you want to start Sub Rosa Collections?

Emma: I noticed an overall lack of interesting pieces when I’d go out looking for jewellery. I was really underwhelmed by what was on offer. The things I seemed to like were very obviously overpriced for what you were getting. I decided that we deserve better from jewellery brands, so I started up Sub Rosa Collections with two core values: “BE YOU. BE TRUE. BE FREE” – based on promoting positive self image and “Self expression for everyone”- providing affordable fashion jewellery that is accessible while remaining on trend.

Thara: What is the message behind Sub Rosa? How would you describe the ‘Sub Rosa’ girl?

Emma: At Sub Rosa we believe in the celebration of oneself. The Sub Rosa girl rejects the media’s promotion of unrealistic “beauty” notions. She is confident, self empowered and free. Today’s media and society put such an emphasis on aesthetics.  We encourage the ‘Sub Rosa’ girl to be proud of who she is, which is why we never air brush our models, and choose girls that represent what we are all about as a brand.

Thara: Is there a meaning behind the name ‘Sub Rosa’- how does that fit in with your business?

Emma: Sub Rosa is latin for “under the rose”, and it means secret.  Sub Rosa jewellery is hand picked to deliver the best quality for a fraction of the price.  You will want to keep what you paid for our gorgeous pieces a secret- hence the name!

Thara: What do you hope to achieve in the future?

Emma: I hope to expand on the Sub Rosa Parties aspect of our business, and eventually open a flagship retail outlet in Melbourne to showcase our collections.  I think that we deserve the luxury of self expression, and jewellery is a great way to proudly declare who you are to the world. By expanding our business, I hope to spread the message of self acceptance and empowerment, and give women the opportunity to wear the jewellery they feel best represents who they are, as opposed to just wearing what they can afford.

Thara: What collections/labels do you feature? What are some of your favourites?

Emma: We have four in house collections, that consist of pieces that are hand picked by myself from a wide variety of Australian and International sources.

Sub Rosa Signature  My personal favourite and our signature, best selling collection. Sub Rosa Signature is an “on trend” range, currently featuring tribal inspired neon pieces and eclectic charm.

Freedom Collection– This collection is all about affordability, styles that are great value for money and give the wearer the “freedom” to express their own style.

Spirit Collection– The spirit collection speaks for quality and refinement.

Noir Collection– This is our classic sterling silver and Swarovski crystal range. More of an evening collection, however some people would think of it as an “every day” staple range as well.

In the near future we will also be stocking premium labels including; Angle Diamond Dot, La Vie Boheme Designs, Sollis, Emeldo, My Secret Agent Lover Man, Hearsay and Abby Seymour.

Thara: What is your favourite piece?

Emma: My favourites change constantly as new pieces arrive, however currently I am loving our “Charlie Boy” Blue Agate ring in gold.  It has this charm about it that just draws you in.  I think there is something about natural stone that is hard to pass by!

Check out more of Emma’s top picks below;


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