I really love being surprised, and the best kind of surprises come in the form of a makeup or beauty product that is really, really good. This week was one of those occasions. I tried Colorescience Mineral Makeup range for the first time and to my surprise, it was not what I was expecting at all. It was better!!


As a makeup artist, you are expected to be on the forefront of all the makeup trends and the latest products. There is no doubt that mineral makeup has taken the world by storm the past couple of years, and it seems as though this growing trend is here to stay as a perfectly valid makeup alternative.

I’m going to be honest and let you know that as far as mineral makeups go, I’m really not that into them. It’s not because I don’t approve of it. I think  the concept of mineral makeup is fantastic. I’ve used high quality mineral makeup before on myself and clients and I’ve even recommended it (the good ones) to friends who have been having skin troubles, or perhaps don’t need a full coverage makeup, but want something “good” for their skin. All in all, my experience has left me a little underwhelmed.

There is not a question about whether mineral makeup has a place in the makeup world. It does, and it’s a very special one. My reasoning for ignoring the vast majority of “mineral” makeups out there, is that not all mineral makeups are what they claim to be, and are, in-fact, capitalising on a trend with an inadequate product, that is misleading to the consumer. I don’t agree with this.

Minerals are touted as being “good for the skin”. If a company knows this is the perception held by a wide number of people, then to utilise this mindframe and to sell a poor quality product that is no different from a regular chemical based setting powder, is dishonest. Not only that, companies can get away with it through technicalities, similar to that of the food industry; claiming something to be “natural” when in-fact it may only contain one naturally produced ingredient and a whole bunch of chemically derived ones.  Companies also rely on the fact that the consumer is not a scientist, and probably doesn’t have time to research everything on the ingredients list. That’s why where mineral makeup was concerned, apart from a few brands, I viewed the whole thing as a bit of a hoax. Rest assured though, recently, through my introduction to Colore Science, my interest in mineral makeup has been piqued and I truly have been blown away. Colorescience brings to you an all mineral makeup range, that is of the highest quality, does it’s job, and you can feel confident that Colorescience has your skin’s wellbeing at the forefront of its concern.

The Colorescience range is free from harsh chemicals, dyes, talc, alcohol, mineral oil and fragrance. Products utilise peptides, liquid crystals, pearl powder, hyaluronic and salicylic acid to help treat skin concerns and manage skin health. Not only this, but Colorescience makeup truly creates an amazing flawless looking base with great buildable coverage. Which is really what anyone wants out of a makeup. It makes you wonder why you would use any other product.


The range consists of four core products, dubbed the ‘Core 4’. First is the primer (rrp. $72.60). The primer glides on smoothly, instantly brightening and smoothing the texture of your skin, as a primer should. The scent is very clean, and herbal and you can choose between the brightening, calming, bronzing and balancing; depending on your skins needs. All primers contain SPF 20.


Secondly is your mineral foundation. The range consists of Loose mineral powder (rrp. $79.20), Pressed powder (rrp. $79.20) , Sheer creme foundation (rrp $72.60) or loose powder in a nifty, retractable brush. For those who prefer liquid, this range has one (which is quite rate!) and for those who love powder there is two to choose from. I have always worn liquid or creme foundations on myself and only used powder for setting. I feel my skin is too dry and I’ve started to develop some fine lines under the eye, so a pressed powder foundation is a complete “no no” for me. On application, I couldn’t believe how lightly and smoothly the foundation glided on. It gave me excellent coverage without looking too heavy. I could build over blemishes and under the eye where needed and was super impressed with how my skin looked like I was barely wearing makeup at all!

mistcoloreAfter foundation, this unique Setting Mist (rrp. $57.20) is used to keep foundation in place all day. It’s hydrating properties give makeup an illuminated, youthful look by activating the minerals in the foundation. Setting Mist comes in hydrating, calming or ‘Sunforgettable’ (SPF).colorescience-mineral-powder-sun-protection-spf30

Step four, is optional, but encouraged. It’s sunscreen for your face called  Sunforgetable (rrp. $79.20). The mineral sunscreens come in an amazing retractable brush which is perfect for your makeup bag. The sunscreen is SPF 50+ and is an incredibly fine dust that you can brush lightly over the face to keep skin well protected. This products is fabulous not only for makeup days, but keep on hand for no makeup days too.

Colorescience is beating most other mineral makeup ranges with its inclusion of cremes and liquids. It has also branched out into eye and lip colour, treatments to correct and conceal, as well as anti-ageing. After such a positive experience with my ‘Core 4’ products I’m slowly going to work my way through the rest of the range and i’m sure I will be equally impressed by each and every product. If you love a surprise as much as me, I recommend giving the ‘Core 4’ a try for yourself.

For Colorescience stockists, call 1800 648 851.

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Georgia Walsh is a Melbourne based make-up artist, who is passionate about making women look and feel gorgeous through good practices of skincare and of course the art of makeup application. Georgia specialises in photographic, film and beauty makeup and her training and experience enables her to create a flawless look time after time. www.georgiawalshmakeup.com

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