Hosted by the Werribee Mansion, SocieTEA signified the launch of the Mansion’s innovative new range of High Tea. Blessed with perfect weather and located on the Mansion’s extraordinary balcony, the immaculate outfits of those in attendance was somewhat like an exclusive fashion show. Stunning gowns, diverse colour palette and, in particular, the expressive people exhibiting them. The afternoon was spent in lavish style, as each unique beverage was zealously sampled, and no dessert was left untried.

Immersed in the beautiful Werribee parklands, the Mansion is the essence of antique charm. Hallways of preserved artifacts, stylish furniture and superb décor; the majesty of the Mansion is simply breathtaking. With its timeless mystery, one cannot but wonder what it was like to live there in a period when such beauty was the norm.

Fortunately, the splendid arrangement of drinks, nibbles, and divine T2 crockery holding the continual flow of tea, established the same sense of appeal. Worthy of particular note, the ‘Crème Brulee’ was delightfully sweet and rich in taste, whilst significant debate surrounding the legitimacy of ‘Chia’ as a tea among our table sparked its subsequent tasting; whatever the individual opinion, the drink packs a punch.

The well thought out attire of guests exceeded all expectations. It seems as though the key to pulling off this seasons trends is personal flare, as florals were accentuated with matching flowery headbands, and head to toe black dresses somehow appeared summery. It became apparent that the hair was of dire significance to the outfits, in some cases the essential accessory. Lavish locks have always been recognized as a imperative to the success of any outfit, however the personal realisation of just how significant it really is was incredible. Hair was sculpted into bows, curled into massive curves and pinned behind the ears, and even slicked completely back as to not detract from a particularly breathtaking dress. The abundant use of hair accessories confirmed this theory.

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Hosting a range of beverages to suit every taste from ‘Apple and Cinnamon’ to ‘Gorgeous Geisha’, everyone is satisfied. The remarkable location and architecture of the Mansion radiates vintage appeal, and a sense of elegance so fondly associated with the aristocracy. It is a fitting location to enjoy a Sunday afternoon, as made apparent by the numerous families and individuals enjoying the park also.

The Mansion’s SocieTEA events are on every last Sunday of the month so be sure to schedule one into your diary this summer.

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Images courtesy of Sherise Fleming

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