The TOME Autumn/Winter 2013 collection is a breath of fresh air in contemporary womenswear. Compared to the likes of fashion labels such as ACNE and Alexander Wang, the NYC based label is the project of ex-Sydney siders Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin, who are quickly making a mark in the worldwide industry.

The reception of their first two collections has been extremely positive, with their third being no exception. Having worked in the elite fashion houses of the word, both Lobo and Martin understand how to dress a woman like they understand gravity. Simple and undeniable.

The clever design duo spends no time messing around when it comes to understanding ‘every woman’. With utilitarian silhouettes, clear-cut shapes and subtle detailing, the collection is ‘essential dressing’ for with an edge. Following form is function, resulting in an ‘infinitely wearable’ collection.

Long and simple lace camisole dresses, metallic anoraks, heavily embroidered t-shirts and silk jumpsuits – this is the collection you wish your wardrobe was made of!

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Anne Hasegawa

Anne is the fashion editor at Couturing. A Melbourne born, internationally bred girl with a passion for all things creative, she is also a hobbie photographer and explorer when she's not trapped in her reverie of dreams and visions. A creative wunderkind who is as intense as Yayoi Kusama's installations, Anne dreams of Mancini's Moon River and one day hopes to live in her own Golightly loft.

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