Laura Foley co-founded Bali Body with her partner David in October 2014 and in four short years, Bali Body has grown from strength to strength creating leading skincare products worldwide. Bali Body has generated over 1 million Instagram followers with the products being seen on celebrities around the globe. We caught up with Laura to talk to her about the success of Bali Body and to get her beauty tips and how we can keep a healthy glow this winter.
Congratulations on the success of Bali Body and congratulations on reaching over 1 million instagram followers! What was the inspiration behind starting Bali Body?

Bali Body came to life in Canggu, Bali, where my husband and I were living at the time. We wanted to create a natural tanning oil that can be used on sensitive skin. So, we sourced some high-quality natural oils and started playing with formulas. From there, we created our first product (Tanning & Body Oil) and created the brand identity. We started gifting bloggers immediately to build brand awareness, then we moved back to Melbourne and locked in suppliers, and launched Bali Body with an online-only business model via our website

All our products are 100% Australian made, Bali was purely the source of inspiration for the brand. Our first product was received really well, which was really exciting at the time, and with a lot of hard work and sacrifice over the last three years, we have built a brand that we are extremely proud of. We know sell to over 150 countries worldwide, and there is a Bali Body product sold 365 days of the year, every 45 seconds.

2. What makes Bali Body Tanning oil different?

Our oils are natural, vegan friendly, Australian made, tested only on Bali Body babes. We were the first natural tanning oil in the world to work on an ecommerce business model. Our Natural Tanning Oils, are all plant based, with nourishing oils that are good for sensitive skin. Take our Watermelon Tanning Oil for example. It was the first on the market, the Watermelon Seed Extract is what gives a really deep tan as it stimulates the natural production of melanin in the skin. Same goes for our recently launched Pineapple Tanning Oil, the extract in that product is really great for people with uneven skin tone and sensitive skin, the oil is a miracle for the skin.

3. You’ve recently launched the Pineapple tanning oil which is fantastic (plus also it smells great).  What goes into developing the products in the range and how important was it for you to ensure that the products were natural?

 Oh I jumped ahead, read the above and here is some more, ha! Our brand values come into play when developing products, and things take us years to do work arounds to ensure our product, 1 stay natural and 2 stay vegan friendly and cruelty free. Our pineapple tanning oil, deeply hydrates the skin, gives an amazing tan and has the added benefits of renewing uneven skin tone. It is an office fave!

4. As we head into the cooler months, what should we use from the Bali Body range to maintain a healthy glow?

Bali Body has a whole skincare range, which in fact, our highest selling product worldwide is our BB Cream. It has SPF and gives the most perfect coverage and everyday glow for the face. Our Bronzing Lotion is a bathroom must have, its like a moisturiser with bronzing benefits, it is instant too, so no need to wait for the tan to develop. Lastly my new night out fave is our Shimmering Body oil, it is perfect to give the skin a hint of bronze and gold shimmer, you can use it from top to toe!

5. What’s next for Bali Body?

Big things 🙂 We are really looking forward to sharing a new product we have been working on for nearly 2 years, we haven’t done a product like this before and our customer have been screaming for it. So stayed tuned, you can find out when it is coming here

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