The last day of summer in Melbourne has rolled by and if you are anything like me, you will be absolutely devastated that the beach days,  sunny Sunday sessions and relaxing warm afternoons spent floating around the pool on a giant flamingo are over for another 9 months. If it was humanly possible, or if I was an international superstar (one day, I know it!) I would fill my years with two summers; an Australian summer and another in the Northern Hemisphere, preferably the South of France.


There are so many beautiful elements that summer embodies but when Melbourne is pouring rain, windy beyond belief and you are chilled deep into your bones, the thing I miss most is that summer GLOW. You know that glow, that one that is visible across your face and entire body. You feel warm and reflect the warmth onto others too. You practically glisten in the sunlight and you just simply look so wonderfully healthy, compared to the sickly pale ghosts we resemble in winter!


Thankfully, I know exactly how and where to get this stunning glow all year round and I will share this sexy secret with you all; introducing Bali Body.


Bali Body is a delicious and totally natural body and tanning oil that literally feeds your skin with nutrients and a gorgeous golden glow all year round. Formulated from four natural, raw and organic oils on the shores of beautiful Bali beaches, this oil will completely hydrate your skin and also enhance the lovely yet healthy tan you have been working on. And when the months begin to get colder, as they will now, Bali Body will continue to give you that warm, shimmery and delicious smelling spark that we crave. The part I truly love most about Bali Body is that I don’t only use it for days out in the sun, I use it morning and night as part of my daily skincare regime on my face and body. Not only does it leave me smelling so good that I want to bite into my own arm, but it has also cleared up patches of dry skin that continue to plague my face even after years of trying various face moisturisers.

As in all aspects of life we need to look at the health benefits of every product we are putting into our bodies, so let’s take a closer look at Bali Body‘s core:

Coconut Oil – 100% organic cold pressed coconut oil is used in Bali Body and the benefits of this nutty oil are endless. Not only totally hydrating, it also fights against cellulite (OMG, YES), has the ability to fight against infections and soothes the skin.

Olive Oil – so much more than a tasty addition to most recipes, the Olive Oil in Bali Body is packed with antioxidants and can aid with signs of premature ageing.

Grape Seed Oil – this one is the key ingredient that can help most when using it as part of your daily skincare ritual, as it’s benefits include fighting acne, reduce dark under-eye circles and tighten the skin.

Jojoba Oil – this guy is the one ultimately giving us that golden glow all year around with it’s immense amount of organic and mineral properties. And the most exciting part about this ingredient is that it promotes natural development of collagen. Forget Botox, get onto Bali Body!

Looking at all these ingredients makes me want to use Bali Body on absolutely everything, from my body to my banana smoothie in the morning!

The concept behind Bali Body came about quite organically, explains Founders & Directors Laura and David;

We have always had a passion to own a small business, and it was really crazy how it all came about. It was really just a combination of all the things we loved and needed. Laura would often suffer from eczema, we loved Bali and would travel their regularly, we saw the potential to combine all of this together to make Bali Body.

Its been so amazing watching Bali Body grow and we have big plans coming up, we can’t give away too much information but we hope to continue the growth and expansion of the business and hopefully get more people engaged and involved. We can’t wait.

Since it’s release in October 2014, Bali Body has had every success it deserves and more. Now with the absolutely stunning Brooke Hogan as the face of Bali Body, it continues to rule social media and the beaches of Australia as the hottest natural, vegan, organic and healthy tanning and body oil. No nasties or naughties, just filled with the goodness that makes you feel like a Bali babe all year around. Nourish, tan and replenish all day everyday, for just $14.00.

To find out more and Vibe with Bali Body, head to any of the platforms below:

Instagram: @balibody

Facebook: /balibodyaustralia

Twitter: @bali_body


About The Author

Holly Asker

Holly has been working in the corporate Media industry at both Network Ten and Southern Cross Austereo for almost 5 years, but late last year she made the leap into the Fitness Industry where she belongs. Whilst she loved the media world and all things creative, Fitness is where Holly’s heart truly lies! A KX Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Instructor, Holly also has an Honours degree in Bachelor of Communication: Media from RMIT and will complete (fingers crossed!) her Masters in Human Nutrition at Deakin University in 2017. Next to fitness, she has an additional deep passion for writing and hope's to combine both elements into a business or studio of her own sometime in the near future. Hol’s bread and butter is running, having completed upwards of 6 Marathons and Half Marathons. She lives her life with total and utter balance, her first and only health and fitness mantra. Aside from her KX Pilates studio in Fitzroy, her favourite place is on the beach in pure sunshine, sipping on a coconut :) Blog: Instagram: @holasker

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