Did you know that all tastes we experience can be broken down to five categories? Grey Goose does, and invited us to experience a whole new world of flavours – all accompanied by delicious, bespoke Grey Goose cocktails.

Welcomed by a delicious cocktail, the Le Fizz, on arrival to Collingwood’s speakeasy-esque St. Crispin, we were led into the dining room for an introduction by cocktail maestro and Grey Goose brand ambassador, Andy Wren.

The concept of the night, finding our perfect taste, was evident from the first course – an amuse bouche of sweet, sour, and bitter tomato creations, to the delectable main of seared beef and mushrooms (or a rich gnocchi for vegetarians), to our signature cocktail teach, where we put our newly gained knowledge of taste to the test.

Aside from the delicious food, we were treated to amazing cocktails (one mixing sweet and savoury, including burnt butter for added taste!) and a pear favoured edition of the famed French vodka that smelt so true to life, it was as if there were freshly cut pears right on the table. This is no easy feat, Andy later mentions, telling us the story of how Maître de Chai (Master Cellar, for non-French speakers) François Thibault developed the flavour, matching the prototype vodka against a fresh piece of the fruit in question, until the two were identical. Only then, was the recipe deemed to be completed.

At the beginning of the night, we were promised that by dessert, we would know exactly how to order the cocktail perfectly matched to our tastes, and were offered the opportunity to test out the bartenders skills. Let me tell you, this is a skill that you’ll want to know. Cheats version? If you are a bit of a sweet tooth, hover more towards Cosmopolitans and the like, or if you like strong, bold flavours, try a classic martini.

If all of this is making you thirsty, you’re in luck! Grey Goose have conveniently dedicated a page of their website to their famous cocktail recipes, so you can try to find your perfect taste at home.

 Images courtesy of Tim Grey and Grey Goose Australia

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