Ever wanted to know how to make the perfect Cocktail? We sat down with Grey Goose brand ambassador, Andy Wren, to find out all there is to know about Cocktails and Grey Goose Vodka. Andy has been involved in a number of high profile events including the Emirates tent in the Birdcage, at the Spring Racing Carnival and has  also worked at hip Melbourne bar 1806, where they took home World’s Best Cocktail List and Victorian Bar of the Year. So who better to ask about the world of luxury spirits.

Andy Wren Taste By AppointmentWhat goes into making the perfect cocktail?

Let’s build this from the bottom up. Start with a chilled, high quality base spirit, like Grey Goose Vodka. A chilled cocktail is essential, and a high-quality base spirit with flavour and depth to it will give you more to play with in terms of flavour in your final cocktail.

Then look at your ingredients, to see what flavours are going to match. I’d always do a little research into pairing ingredients together, to ensure they’ll work well. Next, as you’re adding ingredients, keep an eye on balance. This is key as you don’t want your cocktail to be too strong, or too watery.

Lastly, add your garnish, but don’t go overboard. Simplicity is key here, as you want to enhance, rather than detract from the flavours of the cocktail you’ve created. And finally, enjoy!

Overall, precision is key. But don’t forget to have fun and experiment!

How have you seen the luxury drinks scene change over the last couple of years?

I’ve seen real growth in the luxury drinks scene lately, with more Australians really looking for a premium level of quality in their spirits and purchasing from brands like Grey Goose.

I’ve also seen a real trend in luxury cocktails, for what I call ‘Golden Age’ cocktails. I’ve encountered many bartenders who are recreating classic cocktails and staying true to recipes that were developed in the 1800s. These include lots of bizarre recipes that we just haven’t seen around lately, and this I find very exciting.

What are some of the best cocktails to make with Grey Goose?

There are so many! As Grey Goose is such a great-tasting spirit, you can enjoy it on its own or layered with other flavours and tastes.

Not many people associate flavour with vodka. However we pride ourselves on creating ‘The World’s Best Tasting Vodka’ and flavour and taste is central to everything we do. The unique GREYGOOSE taste is a result of the finest French ingredients and flavours and every bottle contains soft winter wheat from Picardy, and pure spring water from Gensac in the Cognac region. The wheat is of an exceptional high quality and is what is used to produce France’s renowned breads and pastries, and this gives Grey Goose a shot and sweet flavour.

One of the best Grey Goose cocktails to try is a Grey Goose Le Fizz, made with Grey Goose vodka, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, lime juice and soda – the recipe is below. It was developed for an Oscars party, as it has a lot of the same fine qualities a great champagne does, meaning it would be a hit with guests.


For those that love to entertain at home or like to make cocktails at home, what are the key items they need in their kit? And what are the key ingredients you should always have at home?

There are a few key ingredients you can keep at home that will suit most tastes. Each of us has different tastes and preferences when it comes to cocktails, and something like a French Pressé is a basic cocktail made from vodka, lemon and sugar that can be modified to please.

The key ingredients and equipment you’ll need are:

•      A glass

•      A stirrer

•      A high quality base spirit, like Grey Goose vodka

•      Soda

•      Sugar

•      Fresh lemon juice

•      Angostura Bitters

Pour your base spirit over the ice, and add soda water to taste. If you like sweet flavours, add some sugar. For those who prefer sour, add lemon juice. If you like bitter tastes, add a few drops of Angostura Bitters.

From here you can play with garnish. Try rubbing the outside of the glass with lemon peel, adding a mint leaf or a small pinch of salt or even pepper!

What is your favourite cocktail and do you have any tips on how to make it?

I prefer strong drinks, where I can appreciate the taste of the base spirit.

At the moment, I really like a Grey Goose Gibson Martini. It’s a traditional wet martini stirred up with cocktail onions and maybe a touch of that olive brine – a very tasty, beautiful drink that highlights the great taste of the spirit! My best tip to make a Grey Goose Gibson Martini is to ensure you’ve got good quality cocktail onions and brine, and that it’s served in an ice-cold coupette glass. Also, ensure you keep your vermouth and your vodka in the fridge or freezer because cold spirits mean a cold drink, which is always a good thing.


35ml Grey Goose vodka

25ml St. Germain elderflower liqueur

20ml freshly squeezed lime juice

70ml chilled soda

Pour all ingredients except water into a cocktail shaker, shake briefly over ice and double strain into a chilled flute. Top with soda. Garnish with a stirrer.

For more information on Grey Goose Vodka visit www.greygoose.com.

Grey Goose is available at all leading liquor retailers.

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