Raf Simons made a number of stylish choices this Resort season. First and foremost, showcasing the collection in Monaco payed utterly classy homage to the Dior house’s heritage, given it was here that Grace Kelly donned a Dior gown to celebrate her engagement to Prince Rainer in 1956. The locale also signified the label’s plans to always take their Resort collections abroad moving forward. Poignancy continued as onlookers spied lashings of lace worked into each look- a fabric previously untapped by Simons.

Incorporating the sheer panelling we’ve seen gracing the runways for the last couple of seasons with ultra-modern, high-shine metallic accents, Simons veers confidently towards retro-futuristic. Working romantic laces into blouses, crops and modified coat dresses, Simons took it upon himself to make the traditional material edgy and next-gen.

Cadillac pinks, sunflower yellows and cerulean blues, teamed back with crisp monochromes, accentuated Simons’ eye for detail. Silver zippers, georgette scarves and tap short-revealing thigh high splits gave an intricate edge to Simons’ couture sensibility. Styling was slick, oozing a subtle sensuality that payed testament to the Dior house’s versatility and staying power.

An impeccably executed collection of 59 day-to-evening wear looks, Dior Resort 2014 is an exercise in fusing the past with the impossibly-chic present and future.

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