Oroton is defined by its relaxed, modern Australian approach to luxury, and now in their latest flagship store in Emporium Melbourne, they’ve translated their iconic pieces into a stunning showroom. Synonymous with luxurious leather, gold and silver mesh, and timeless shapes, the interior of the store takes cues from their illustrious history and from Australian landscapes and elements.


The store is designed in such a way that it feels more like an exhibition, with each aspect of the brand   highlighted in a unique way, and with display units created out of marble, concrete, and in a brilliant reinterpretation, gold mesh wire representing the iconic clutches from the luxury brand.

In addition to the new store, Oroton also have a new ambassador in Rose Bryne. The beautiful images from the campaign are peppered throughout the store, and are in perfect harmony with the aesthetics of the new flagship.

You can find the Oroton Flagship store on the ground level of Emporium Melbourne.

Images courtesy of Oroton.

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