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Swarovski mixes light, sparkle, and glamour to create its signature style that is instantly covetable. A brand synonymous with modernity, Swarovski caters for today’s multifaceted woman who always wants to look her best at any given moment.

Miranda Kerr embodies this modern and multifaceted woman, and has been chosen as the muse for Swarovski’s Fall/Winter 2014/15 campaign. Radiant and renowned for her impeccable sense of style, the supermodel has many different sides that, for Swarovski, make her the perfect expression of its values. “Miranda was an obvious choice for Swarovski. She represents a very contemporary idea of women, which illustrates the brand perfectly,” explains Nathalie Colin, Swarovski’s Creative Director.

Starring in the new worldwide campaign shot by Steven Meisel, Miranda declares: “I love the versatility that Swarovski infuses into its collections. Its pieces are always in step with the times, fashionable yet timeless, so you can wear them from morning to evening, with casual and formal styles.”

Comprising 7 visuals, the campaign highlights key seasonal trends which stand out of the Fall/ Winter 2014/15 collection.

The first is mixed plating as a major new and easy-to-wear theme. Gold, rose gold, and silver plating come together in harmonious combinations, as seen in the ad campaign featuring Miranda wearing “Bound” necklace and bangle. For Nathalie Colin “the mixed metals trend underlines the idea that you shouldn’t be afraid to break the rules to create your own signature style. This season, Swarovski will go beyond its previous exploration of mixed plating by releasing a number of pieces in each color. From rich indulgent gold tones, through to delicate and feminine rose gold and refined graphic silver… why choose just one?!”

Pendants, bracelets, and rings with clean, delicate lines are available in a range of metals, adding a new dimension to the concept of versatility, which is such an iconic feature of many Swarovski designs. Really mix things up this season by stacking the same ring or bangle, or layer a couple of pendants, in a variety of metallic shades. There are an array of options and combinations to choose from.

Swarovski truly encourages women to be bold with their looks, allowing them to incorporate new trends into their own style, in their own way, every day.

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