After battling through the colder months, Spring is a time of renewal and revitalisation.  It is also a time when one’s skin will tend to be on show more than ever.  Spring Racing, the Polo, weddings, eventually leading into what seems like a month of Christmas parties and holidays all necessitates taking stock of one’s skincare routine.  Not that it is all about peacocking.  There are practical reasons as to why a little more TLC is required through the spring.  Spending more time outdoors, in the sun, using sunscreen, air-conditioning, and travel all tend to dry out skin and block the pores.  Add to this a tendency for people to consume more alcohol, and it can be hard to avoid looking tired and blotchy.

Perhaps then, it’s time to supercharge your skin routine with a Hydradermie Facial from Guinot.  The benefits of facials for men have long been promoted by this website [click here to read more], however, what sets the Hydradermie treatment apart is the signature Double Ionisation process, whereby galvanic and faradic currents are used to enable greater penetration of the facial’s active ingredients.

The process is initiated via a brief consultation with a Guinot therapist regarding the state of one’s skin (in my case, a state of general malaise) identifying any problem areas, and discussing which treatments/products have worked in the past, and which have not.  This discussion then informs the therapist’s choice of specific serum gels to achieve the optimal result from the facial treatment.

Guinot Facial 2

The facial then begins with a thorough cleanse and exfoliation, preparing the skin for the application of vitamin rich plant based serums to be absorbed into the skin during the ionisation phase.  Depending on the assessment of the therapist during the initial consultation, the desired serum is then gently applied to the skin.  And this is where the treatment gets interesting.  Two specially designed electrodes are then applied to the skin delivering a low frequency (galvanic) current which supplies positive and negative ions to the face to enable the serum to permeate the deepest levels of the skin.  The low frequency current also assists in stimulating muscles in the face, and helping to produce sebum which tones the skin.  The unique design of the electrode rollers also enables the most inaccessible areas of the face to be effectively treated, which is particularly useful in dealing with problem areas around the T Zone.

Following this, a high frequency (faradic) current is applied via a positively charged electrode which helps to stimulate blood circulation and thereby oxygenate the skin.  The application of this high frequency current also has an antibacterial effect.  The result is a revitalised complexion which feels as pure as it looks.

The treatment is finished with a relaxing facial massage, and the application of a facial mask which is customised to one’s skin type and sensitivities.  In the same way that a master tailor produces the perfect fit for his client based on their individual preferences and the tailor’s intimate knowledge of form and function, the value of Guinot’s signature therapy is in the knowledge of their trained therapists and the process of customising their innovative techniques and products to their client’s needs.

For more information and salons visit the Guinot website.

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