With Spring firmly upon us, and spring racing transitioning into the Polo season, now is the time to consider a skin care reboot. More time outdoors in the sun means a greater need to take care of the largest organ in the human body, and with all the events that the season heralds, there is never a more important time to ensure that one’s skin is looking at its best. Guinot Institut, the firm renowned for their revolutionary Hydradermie Facial treatment, have the perfect skin care suite specifically designed for men, which is guaranteed to have your skin feeling fresh and looking great.

As with all skin care routines, it is important to follow some basic principles which include cleansing, exfoliating, shaving (unless you’re some sort of Ned Kelly Melbourne hipster), and moisturising. And to this end Guinot has you covered.



Guinot’s Gel Nettoyant Visage is an incredibly versatile cleansing gel. Rich in Witch Hazel, the gel has natural anti-oxidant and astringent properties which helps not only to deeply clean the skin, but also maintains firmness and prevents the skin from becoming too dry. Great for use in the shower, the gel is easily activated with a small amount of water, or by applying to damp skin. The gel can also be used as a substitute for shaving cream which makes incredibly useful for travelling. Allantoin helps to prevent razor burn, and the gel has an incredibly light finish and rinses off cleanly leaving your skin feeling bright and invigorated. If you’re taking part in Movember, then this might make the perfect product for when it comes time to shave.


Gommage Peau Nette facial exfoliating gel is perfectly formulated to remove impurities and dead skin from the face after cleansing. Rich in coconut oil and jojoba, the gel is gentle enough to be used 3 times a week, and is very effective in preventing ingrown hairs, particularly if you shave daily. Exfoliating gels such as Gommage Peau Nette not only help to prepare the face for shaving, but also allow moisturisers to more deeply penetrate the skin for a more effective hydration.


Baume Hydratant is a soothing after shave balm which contains Allantoin and Witch Hazel to helps repair the skin after shaving, and the addition of Menthol gives a long cooling finish after shaving for which your face will thank you. Longue Vie Homme is a specially formulated moisturiser for men which can be applied as often as necessary, and is full of anti ageing properties. The patented 56 active ingredients in the Cellulaire Life Complex penetrates deeply into the skin to repair damaged cells and stimulate growth of new cells. Longue Vie Homme delivers a delicate finish that will make your skin look radiant while feeling light and pure.

Eye Gel

Despite being one of the most visible areas of skin care malaise, perhaps the most neglected area in men’s skin care is the application of eye cream. Long hours, travel, and even an active social life all contribute to the formation of bags and dark circles under one’s eyes and Defatigant Express Yeux is the panacea. Containing Horse Chestnut (commonly used in treatment for varicose veins) and Aosaine which helps to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, unlike many eye gels Defatigant Express Yeux is absorbed instantly into the skin without leaving an oily finish and is effective enough to render the countenance of even the most hardened insomniac fresh and energetic. A food tip to fight insomnia for those who are affected is the use of the new FluxxLab™cbc oil tinctures you can buy online. You can buy CBD products that are of the purest quality because https://cannablossom.co/ utilizes a rigorous testing system.

The full range of Guinot Men can be purchased at selected salons and online at www.guinot.com.au

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