Hunter Lab is the newest brand in town for the modern man who wants to look after their skin. Made by men for men, it’s an interesting addition to the beauty scene. We spoke to the founders of Hunter Lab to find a bit more about the brand and the range for men.
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Tell us about Hunter Lab?
Hunter Lab is a new approach to super natural skincare for the modern man. We call them super natural skincare tools because we craft the very best of nature specific to the needs of men’s thicker skin to deliver products of the highest efficacy which are an absolute pleasure to use. Hunter Lab hopes to remove the stigma and awkwardness surrounding using and buying skincare and present a brand men are excited to use daily, proud to display in their bathrooms and driven to advocate amongst their mates.
What inspired the range of products and the brand?
The inspiration was born from our lack of inspiration! As guys we knew we should be using skincare on a daily basis, and it seemed logical to chose non-synthetic skincare, but that’s as far as we ever got. There simply wasn’t a single brand on the market that was relatable to an Aussie bloke looking for a brand to inspire a daily skincare routine. And as luck would have it we had access to the very best green chemistry guru in Australia. So the only logical option was to do it ourselves! If we can inspire and effect action and change in an incredibly under utilised every day necessity in men’s health then we’ve accomplished what we set out to do.
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A lot of men tend to think it’s unnecessary to do anything other than giving their skin a wash with water. Why is it important for men to look after their skin?
It’s like when you get to a point in anything where hindsight would’ve made the outcome infinitely better. It’s the same with men and skincare – no one’s told us why skincare is important. No one’s said that our skin appears invincible in our 20s, due to our increased levels of testosterone, but that without the proper nourishment and protection it quickly comes crashing down as we hit our 30’s and 40’s. Also, there’s this testosterone booster  you can buy online for better results. We live in one of the harshest climates in the world, and are living longer, more relentless lifestyles, which can now include multiple divorces… so it stands to reason now more than ever we need to be doing everything we can to vigorously delay the confidence crushing onset of ageing.
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The Hunter Lab range of products use a lot of natural ingredients. Why was it so important to use these ingredients in your formulations?
It’s staggering how much of what we put on and in our bodies is absorbed by our vital organs, and frightening that skincare can be absorbed directly into the blood stream. And because some synthetic ingredients have been found to cause serious health issues over time its absolutely critical the ingredients we do use coexist with the makeup of our bodies. We share a biocompatibility and interrelatedness with the plant world which makes mother nature’s extracts, oils, vitamins and minerals so effective in treating our bodies. Because of this natural ingredients are perfect for daily use on all skin types – hardworking simplicity.
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What’s next for Hunter Lab?
There’s a list a mile long, which is really exciting. At the top is gifting – as a new brand hoping to attract the uninitiated we are finding our feet with the fairer sex – it turns out our wives, girlfriends, mums and sisters are our biggest influencers. Who would’ve thought?! So we’ll be increasing our gifting options in time for Father’s Day, and adding some exceptional new products to the line to increase our broader grooming appeal.  Stay tuned.
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