In a city that prides itself on fine dining and exquisite cafes and bars, it’s always hard for the optimistic newcomers to make their mark on Melbourne’s vibrant lifestyle. Located in a hidden alleyway of Guildford Lane, Krimper is a cafe that can be easily missed. However, it’s certainly a glistening diamond in the rough, and the first time you visit I guarantee that you’ll become a regular.

Upon entry, you are immediately hypnotised with its cosy and bohemian atmosphere. Exuding a homey feel, its comfortable and minimalistic environment makes Krimper an idyllic place for dining out with friends and family or having a memorable first date with that special someone.main photo

I decided to indulge myself in the ‘Lady Croque’. A sandwich filled with ham hock, gruyere cheese, béchamel sauce and topped off with a fried egg, this toasted treat was a little bundle of joy and an absolute delight to eat.

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When I tasted the sandwich for the first time, I knew this was love at first bite. It was an orgasmic feel to say the least – the gruyere cheese immediately melted into your mouth as it combined with the béchamel sauce, the two together giving your tastebuds a massive pang of flavour along with a velvety texture. However, the ham hock and the fried egg were the major standouts. Beautifully cooked, the ham hock was a taste adventure in itself – crispy on the outside but scrumptious on the inside. Upon first bite you experience a good hard crunch before you are taken on an escapade of soft and tender goodness. And let’s not forget about the fried egg; not too well done but not too under done either that it makes you feel like you were eating gooey baby food. As soon as I sliced into the yolk, its contents oozed out over the entire sandwich, which actually reminded me of the perfect sunny side up eggs my grandmother used to make for me when I was child.

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For dessert I had the ‘Eton Mess’, a traditional English recipe of strawberries, blueberries and pieces of meringue, all surrounded with a citrus sorbet and ice-cream. At first, you’re exposed to a sour explosion of fruit and sorbet but as it all settles into your mouth the flavour transitions to that delicate sweetness we all know and love from the ice cream.

Overall, it comes as no surprise that my first time dining at Krimper was certainly a memorable one. Along with great customer service and astounding dishes, Krimper will not fail to impress even the fussiest of food enthusiasts, and if they keep up the great work, it won’t be long until word gets around and it becomes a household name in Melbourne’s lively café scene. Well done Krimper, you’ve earned yourself a new loyal customer.

Krimper – 20 Guildford Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

P: (03) 9043 8844 W:

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