The appropriately titled ‘Neoclassical’ Dion Lee’s Resort 13 collection in collaboration with Mason Mulholland, features limited edition print tees as well as LINE II classic items with the DL signature. The title ‘Neoclassical’ expresses what Dion Lee and Mason Mulholland set out to achieve in their unique collection. A marriage of patterns, textures and contrasting colour and ideas that brought this collection to life.

Mason Mulholland is well known in the art world for his fashion collages and ripped mixtures of magazines and media. His collaboration with Dion Lee proved that art and fashion go hand in hand. The Resort collection showcased Mason Mulholland’s creativity and artistic flare by screen printing his designs onto the clothing, to produce his works of art in garment form.


The collection also features sheer blouses and prints in light pastel colours that fit perfectly with black tailored leather shorts and skirts, channeling modern pieces with a minimalist edge. Dion Lee chanels sport luxe and minimalism in his ’13 collection as the prints and colour coordination fit perfectly with the colour combinations of both designs.

Dion Lee and Mason Mulholland’s collaboration portrayed symbolism within every design, the textures of materials and fabrics used, worked in juxtaposition to Mulholland’s artistic statements. Dion Lee’s style is more parallel, clean cut and tailored, with opposing shapes and lengths, while Mulholland pairs it beautifully with modern-day art.


To truly show the connection of art and fashion, Mulholland and Dion Lee chose still life, classical statues to photograph and cofunction its movements with their own minimalist and structural designs in bringing both their pure art forms to life and to connect traditional forms of art (classical) with contemporary forms (neo); which we see as fashion, screen printing and collage.

Look book shot by Zac Handley and collage art photographed by Bowen Arico.
The collection is released in September-November 2013.

Have a look at more of Mason Mulholland’s work here: http://masonmulholland.tumblr.com/




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