Eyebrows are the often forgot facial feature that just doesn’t get that much loving. But they are an important feature on the face that help define your features and shape your face. Creating the perfect brow is definitely achievable and can really help to define your look, so we’ve gathered our top tips from expert, Theodora from Theodora’s Beauty Boutique.

Put down the tweezers

Theodora’s number one tip is to put down the tweezers. We’ve all been guilty of overplucking so resist the urge to pluck just that extra one before you realise you have no brows left! No amount of eyebrow product will fix severe overplucking as some hairs will take longer to grow back leaving you with potentially long periods with thin brows. Theodora advises to see an expert to get your brows shaped and maintained. Only use tweezers sparingly between brow appointments to clean up obvious strays, but don’t over do it.



If you’ve never had an eyebrow tint, this is definitely worth a try. A tint helps to make your eyebrows look fuller and helps to define brows on your face. For many that have either overplucked or are suffering from thinning brows due to age, a tint will help to recover your brows and reduce the amount of product you need on your brows.

Theodora advises that the tint colour should suit your skin tone and the end result should look natural and not overdone.  Even if you have dark brows, a tint can help to make them look fuller. It is best to have them done by a professional who can help you to choose the right colour and apply it correctly to avoid any mishaps that might make you look like Bert from Sesame Street.

Pencil, cream or powder?

What you use on your brows depends on your preference, Theodora says, as most brow products are great to help to fill in your brows.  Application of the products is key, so use a product that you feel comfortable with and what looks most natural. Blending the colour in is important so you can’t see the product in your brows. Use a brow brush to help disperse the product and blend the colour in.

Our favourites at the moment are Maybelline New York Brow Satin which is a smart product that features both a pencil and powder. You can use the pencil to define and set your brows and use the powder to fill the gaps. My other favourite is Paula’s Choice Brow Defining Cream Duo which features a light and a dark shade for use separately or for blending together to create the perfect personalised shade.


Have the right tools

It’s important to have the right tools you need to maintain and care for your brows. Number one on that list is a brow brush. Use it to shape your brows through brushing and it’s also a great tool to assess where you need to fill your brows after you’ve brushed them. The second must have is tweezers, as long as you don’t overpluck. It’s handy to have a good pair of tweezers and you can really tell the difference between a good pair and a bad pair by how they pluck your hairs. A bad pair does not grip well and often rips/cuts the hair without pulling it out from the root. Pull in the direction of hair growth to remove hair from the root. Best also to do any tweezing after a hot shower as the heat will help open the hair follicles for easy removal.

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