Satisfy those pizza cravings at Church Street’s WiLO Pizza, serving up gourmet pizza with a unique spin. Opened by brothers Ollie and Will Thorn only 8 months ago, WiLO Pizza has already become a firm favourite with locals, thanks to its focus on freshness and quality.

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These boys know pizza like nobody else, backed by years of experience in the food and hospitality industry. Having previously opened a number of pizza businesses across Melbourne, the opening of WiLO marks 10 years of straight pizza business for Ollie.

Even amongst the commotion of Church Street, the bright and inviting WiLO Pizza is easy to spot, drawing pizza lovers in like moths to a flame. The decor of the store mimics the delicious thin-crust pizza it serves up: fresh, modern, and bursting with personality. The open layout of the store enables customers to view the entire cooking process as they wait for their pizza with keen anticipation.

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“We love food… Pizza is the thing that we are good at,” says Will, “Traditional pizza shops are usually a bit dark, so we tried to brighten it up as much as we could and to allow the customer to see as much of the process as they possibly could. The layout is intentional, so the customers are able to see the process from the start to the end product.”

The product of two years of careful planning and development, WiLO’s menu boasts an enticing selection of pizzas, which range from classic favourites, modern gourmet toppings and a variety of vegetarian options. A number of saucy sides and intriguing salads are also on offer, as well as some indulgent desserts to top off a night of guilty pleasures.

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Will’s favourite is a hard pick, but he concludes, “I’m a sucker for something a bit simpler… I love a Capricciosa”. As for customer favourites? “People tend to gravitate towards the more gourmet style pizzas. Our most popular style is probably the Pork Belly. Everyone loves pork belly.”

Near the corner of Church Street and Swan Street, WiLO Pizza is easily accessible by car or public transport. Couch potatoes need not fear, as the store also offers an online ordering service and delivery to Richmond and parts of surrounding suburbs.

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Will welcomes customers to eat in-store and watch the world go past from the window, saying, “we’ve applied for a liquor license, so hopefully we’ll have more people coming down to have a pizza and a beer. We open every day of the year except for Christmas Day and Boxing Day… pizza never stops.”

Joining in on the area’s community spirit, WiLO Pizza took part recently in the inaugural Dogapalooza Festival. Offering tastings for a gold coin donation, WiLO raised over $500, which went towards a number of organisations that help pups in need.

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WiLO Pizza

440 Church St

Richmond VIC 3121

Open 7 days


Eat in or takeaway.

Delivering to Richmond, plus selected areas in Collingwood, Abbotsford, East Melbourne, Cremorne, South Yarra, and Hawthorn.

Images: Sean McDonald

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