The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is coming up, where people all around the world come to celebrate the best thoroughbred racing in the Southern Hemisphere. Although this is a sporting event, we all know that it is very much about the glitz and glamour of fascinators, food and fashions, and preparing for the races is no easy feat. It isn’t something that can be done overnight, so to help you we’ve asked some experts to weigh in on how and when you should be starting your Spring Racing preparations.


As soon as possible

Switch up your oral routine

A smile is your best accessory, and the last thing you want is a yellow, discolored one. However, whitening treatments at the best with Colorado Springs orthodontist, you can easily make sure that you achieve those result quickly. You can also achieve those results at home by switching out your regular toothpaste to the new Express White from Colgate Optic White to see whiter teeth in just 3 days. It is the “ONLY daily use toothpaste with the whitening ingredient that dentists use, hydrogen peroxide,” says Dr. Susan Cartwright, the Scientific Affairs Manager for Colgate Oral Care. Bin your old, generic toothbrush and switch to the Colgate Optic White Toothbrush that is specially designed with polishing bristles and stain removers. It comes with a Built-In Whitening Pen as well, which is a ground breaking product that gives you whiter teeth in just two days.

Colgate Optic White® is available nationwide in all major supermarkets and leading pharmacies.

Reverse sun damage

“I would suggest making an appointment for some IPL to get things started so you can target any pigmentation spots or sun damage. IPL also helps kick starts skin collagen and elastin so can help with the glow factor,” says Yasmin Najiar, Managing Director of neoSKiN, “If you are apprehensive to start with light treatments, consider a nice low level peel to freshen up tired winter skin.

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A week before

Book in for a last minute treatment

A microdermabrasion treatment will help fight the signs of aging, hyperpigmentation and give your skin a brighter, smoother appearance. “A week before your first track-side event I would come in to neo SKiN for a Microdermabrasion as an exfoliation treatment followed by an oxygenating facial to plump and hydrate,” recommends Najjar. This ensures that your skin is fully prepped for the big day, giving you that beautiful, radiant glow.

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The day before

Get those nails polished

Schedule a nail appointment a couple of days before the big day and opt for a chip-free lacquer like shellac or SNS. Or if you prefer to do it yourself, ensure you’re using a long-lasting base and topcoat to prolong your polish. Make sure you don’t leave it until the morning of, because there’s nothing worse than stressing about whether or not your polish has dried!


Fake that tan

Straight out of the depths of winter, Spring Carnival is when you realise just how ghostly that pallor of yours is. We recommend popping into Glow Station on your lunch break for the fastest, most even spray tan you’ll ever have. You’ll be perfectly bronzed up, leaving the streaky orange messes to other race-goers!

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Groom those brows

Manicured brows instantly make your entire face look more polished, so one place to head into is Brow Theory for a quick thread and tint. Threading is an effective way to remove hair, and the therapists at Brow Theory are experts, ensuring that the shape of your brows perfectly complement the dimensions of your face. For that little bit extra, Brow Theory also offers threading for the entire face area, and lash tints and lifts.

Theodora Mantzioros from premium Melbourne based lash and brow boutique, Theodora’s Beauty Boutique, recommends scheduling in all of your waxing appointments at least five days before your Spring Racing events begin, especially if you’re planning to get a spray tan, and then you might want to search for “the best laser hair removal near me” to get professional help to maintain your hair removal process for 4-6 weeks  thereafter. “Make sure you attend your waxing appointment with clean skin (no moisturiser or body oils) for best results. To maintain the look of gorgeous, hair free skin and limbs that are radiant with health, exfoliate with a granule based scrub at least twice per week and moisturise on slightly damp skin when you jump out of the shower (cocoa butter works a treat!),” she says.

“If you have time, a bit of dry body brushing can also help prompt circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage (which removes toxins from your skin so it looks healthy), exfoliates the skin after waxing and makes your skin appear smooth and bump-free.” Prices for body and face waxing start from only $6.


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