Last month Yves Saint Laurent international makeup director, Lloyd Simmonds, visited our shores as part of the launch of YSL Fusion Ink foundation. Responsible for Cara Delevingne’s makeup looks and YSL beauty campaign looks, Lloyd’s role extends to creating the new make-up colours and helps to develop new products as well as new collections, textures and applications. Working closely with the development and laboratory teams, he has established the new Yves Saint Laurent style of make-up over the last few years. We were lucky enough to catch Lloyd to talk to him about the new Fusion Ink foundation and everything to do with beauty.


YSL Fusion Ink Foundation offers flawless coverage and 24-hour wear with an ultra light texture. What do you believe consumers will be most excited about?

I think our customers will be excited to finally have a foundation that responds directly to what women need in their daily lives, a no upkeep, long wearing, easy-to-use foundation that is ultra-fine in its mattifying texture.

We love experiencing and learning about the latest makeup trends being launched in the market. How have you personally felt new technology influence the way you work creatively with YSL Beauté? 

Technical advances from the labs, for either new pigments or new formulations are really at the base of all of my creative work for YSL Beauté.

What is your secret to creating that flawless base?  

A flawless base is in my view a minimal one. Always choose the correct colour, and then only use product just where you need to, leaving as much of your own skin’s natural glow and texture  to show through as possible.

What has been one of your most memorable or proudest moments in your career and why? 

The most important moment in my career, and the one I’m most proud of, was the day that YSL Beauté asked me to join their team!

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With a background in theatre and ballet, who or what currently inspires you artistically?

Just last week I got to work for a day shooting a film at the Paris Opera, it was an incredibly inspiring day! Otherwise, all my recent travels, definitely including earlier this April in Sydney, have been very stimulating and inspiring!


If you could go back in time and give your 20-something self advice, what would that be?

I think I would tell my 20 year old self to start in fashion by assisting a few people- I did it all on my own, and now I think that learning from others is a better way than pure trial and error, though that is also very important!

What are the 3 things you can’t you live without daily?

3 things I can’t live without daily…

– a good cup of coffee in the morning!

– a project for the day, either work, creation, or equally important, exploration!

– a good book at day’s end!

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