Whilst I am no stranger to manscaping and I have gone through periods of my life with varied routines for the upkeep of my looks, I have never discussed this in an open forum. Upon accepting this opportunity I immediately thought, “I have never researched any moisturizing products nor have I sought consultation in regards to what is best suited to me”. This led to the realisation that all my product knowledge, daily routines and general understanding of skin care is totally derived from girls I have dated over the years. The products, order of application, motion used to apply and frequency, is the sum total of little bits and pieces from my previous partners.


On a deeper level, I now I understand that each little piece of advice and change of product was, without me knowing, my new partner instilling her own style in me. This is happening as we speak, as my beautiful girlfriend (yes she is going to read this!) who is in the cosmetic industry, has firmly been moulding me for the last 5 months of our relationship.  Now that I am trialling these 5 moisutrising products, I have intentionally stopped her from giving me input for fear she will attempt to influence this first time event of me taking an interest in my own skin!

The Research

Lancome Men Energizer Total

The glass bottle and slick dispenser are instantly appealing and a definite point of difference to the packaging of all the other products being reviewed.  Smooth, white and creamy, this moisteriser has a soothing scent and excellent absorption leaving the skin firm, supple and rejuvenated.   I found applying this moisturiser at night after a shower and before bed best.

Biotherm Homme Aqua Power

I like the aqua packaging, as it reminds me of a day spa.  The dispenser is modern and sits in the hand perfectly.  This scent is strong, a little too strong for me, however the lightly aqua hued moisturiser absorbs very well with a regenerative finish to lines and any slight bagging under the eyes.

L’Oreal Hydra Energetic X

I really liked the presentation of Hydra Energetic X, the colour is vibrant as is everything else this moisturizer has to offer. The dispenser is sharp, allowing you to control the application of the glistening orange gel. Enriched with Vitamin C and Taurine you really do feel a kick on application and a sealing sting after you have shaved.  This is an addictive morning hit.

This stocky presentation is far more practical for the bathroom as it is not easily knocked over like that other products and also bounces when dropped on tiles (not keen to test this on the rest, especially the glass bottle of Lancome). Dispenser is good, but over zealous on the portions dispensed. making it hard to control your application with out waste.  Thick and creamy, it is the least absorbent of all the products and best for dry skin, which I don’t have.  It has a pleasant soft scent and leaves the skin feeling moist.

My Favourite

Lancome Men Energizer Total is by far the best from the packaging, easy dispensing bottle and most importantly appealing scent, amazing feel and finish on the skin.  Definitely part of my routine moving forward in the evenings.  Rated second, but special mention as part of the morning routine after shaving is the L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic X.  Unfortunately, my girlfriend did say to me when I showed her all the products I was testing “with out doubt Lancome is the best!”.  So, even though I know that I have made this decision on my own through vigorous testing and consideration….I will let her think that her advice was heeded by myself and we can continue with her belief that this is all part of the moulding process (Beautiful…. please disregard this last sentence… didn’t mean a word of it).


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Katherine Ng

Katherine is not your typical Beauty Editor. Finance consultant by day and beauty and fashion addict at all other times, Katherine spends her hard-earned money helping the Australian and international economy with her never ending pursuit of everything pretty. A keen traveller, Katherine still holds dear her Melbourne roots with an overflowing wardrobe filled with black clothes, shoes and handbags. Katherine also has a deep love of food and wine, and you can find those adventures on instagram at @thegreedykat Email: [email protected] Twitter: @kath_couturing Instagram: @kath_ng

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