When its Forty degrees outside who can be bothered adding to the heat with hot coffee? No-one! But if you need something to get you through the day, why not take the chilled option? Cold coffee is going to get you through this summer. But where can you get these cold drips and brews?  I chatted to some of the best in the business about what makes their ice cold drip cool.


172 Oxford Street, Collingwood.

Proud Mary do a cold drip coffee using Guatemalan single origin and a nine hour extraction.

Calum, Head Barista at Proud Mary

How do you have yours?

Over ice to keep a constant temperature. When coffee changes temperature, the acids inside change too and bring out bitterness.

How does your cold drip taste?

Hints off jasmine, mango and spicy vanilla with a clean finish



359 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Brother Baba Budan serve a cold drip using a Kenyan single origin also from the Kibirigwi Farmers Co-operative Society.

Cam Green, Barista at Brother Baba Budhan.

How do you have yours?

Straight black with no milk or sugar.

How does your cold drip taste?

Light and fruity with a hint of liqueur brought out by the cold drip process.



106-114 Berkeley Street, Carlton.

Seven Seeds is experimenting with cold coffee and is currently using a cold brew made from first making a pour over and then cooling it. The coffee is a Kenyan single origin from the Kibirigwi Farmers Co-operative Society.

Sam Peters, Seven Seeds

How do you have yours?

Same as we serve it, nothing added but ice.

How does your cold drip taste?

Sweet and fruity with a black current kick. We filter the coffee and leave it to settle through a cloth to remove the murky taste you can sometimes get from a cold drip.



493-495 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Patricia use a cold brew from chilled filter coffee for reliability rather than placing all bets on nine hours of brewing a single cold drip.

Bowen Holden, Owner and Barista at Patricia.

How do you have yours?

We sell it the way I like it. Over ice, from a hip flask.

How does your cold brew taste?

Peachy and sweet with a tinge of vanilla.



12-18 Yarra Place, South Melbourne.

St Ali, are forever looking for better tasting caffeine. And are weighing up the taste differences between brewing a cold drip at room temperature, chilled, or outside on a warm day, and they think room temperature might be the winner.

Kiru Shin, Barista at St Ali

How do you have your cold drip?

Recently brewed at room temperature but served chilled with no ice. Because if you let the ice melt, the coffee becomes bitter.

And how does it taste?

Sweet, almost floral with a strong dark cherry taste.


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