The Whitehouse Institute of Design displayed the sheer genius and style of their students, whilst celebrating the accomplishments of those soon to graduate in a magnificent exhibition and parade held at the university on Wednesday night. With the successful history of former students including former Fashion Editor of Marie Clare, Lara Luciano, all eyes were on the fantastic and flamboyant designs each student had to offer. Judging by the overall style and creativity, each prospective student could no doubt be the next big Australian export.

With the style and flare as expected on the international stage, garment after breathtaking garment paraded down the runway. From a beautiful white playsuit by designer Amy Johnson, to the timeless, traditional imagery presented through Kezia Fredricksons combination of nudes and flowing material, the skills were evident.

The designs ranged from casual street wear, including zigzag printed pants with a fitted black jacket by Madison Schearze, to what could be included in an Alexander McQueen show; out-there, but still glamorous. In particular, a stunning grey overcoat by designer Georgie Webster was a stand-out piece, perfectly fitting in a Melbournian, or even European setting.

Showing the diversity of each students’ skill, the display of male fashion entwined among their female counterparts almost stole the show. Layering seemed to be a prominent trend, as thick material and strong colours such as blacks were used frequently. Each design was different to the last as the individual creativity could be seen, and the result was a display of highly masculine, artistic outfits, with elaborate texture and shapes.

There were, however, three outfits distinct above all others. As the song ‘Move It Move It’ could be heard through the speakers, three divine children boogied in bright Sunday outfits down the catwalk. The designer, Alex Meehan, was refreshing in her choice of model, and completely unique in her designs. The bright colours and conservative cuts were perfect for such an age group.

The interior designs were of equal magnificence. The beautiful French style chair atop a pink carpet was elegant, and a little bit quirky, with the intricate attention to detail and genuine artistry; the craftsmanship created a phenomenal and enticing end result. Depending on the shapes and styles preferred as an individual, the most dramatic display was that of the salt circle. Tons of salt was piled around a cascading white curtain, with natural images projected onto a screen behind this. The apparent skeleton of a tee-pee sculpture sat in one corner. This vivid arrangement was captivating and sophisticated, a testament to original dexterity and style.

The exhibition was a wonderful presentation of the skill and promise of the next generation of Australian designers. From the classic, to the shocking, to the truly mind-blowing, the diversity and extravagance displayed at the Whitehouse graduates was remarkable. Couturing would like to congratulate the graduating students of The Whitehouse Institute of Design, and wish them luck in their future endeavors.

Images courtesy of the Whitehouse Institute of Design & Ravishing Retail

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