In its earlier years, MANIAMANIA had a reputation for creating truly statement pieces of jewellery, combining raw crystals with more industrial elements to culminate in almost bohemian collections. Fast forward and the Australian accessories label have since launched a collection of fine jewellery, meeting fashion’s increasing demand for minimalism and everyday luxury.

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Today, MANIAMANIA takes that note of luxury one step further, introducing diamonds into their main line for the very first time.

MANIAMANIA’s Autumn Winter 2016 collection The Tenth House sees the designers utilising white and black diamonds within 18K gold, gold vermeil and sterling silver settings. Diamonds are mixed with whiskey quartz, opals and seed pearls across fine rings, ear cuffs, statement neckpieces and oversized man style bracelets. Never losing sight of their design signature, motifs of Saturn Return, stars, moons and Pegasus are peppered throughout the collection in true MANIAMANIA tradition. Symbology and representation is used throughout the collection giving each piece a gravity of meaning and purpose.

MANIAMANIA creative directors Tamila Purvis and Melanie Kamsler collaborated with celebrated photographer David Mandelberg and Sydney model on the rise Lilly Cobon on the campaign imagery, resulting in a pared back if not rather sultry series of images that truly encapsulates that aforementioned idea of everyday luxury. One look at these images inspires us to inject that level of luxury into our own looks- perhaps a fine ring that catches the light ever-so-subtly, or wearing a fine diamond chain close to our skin, layered beneath clothing that only hints at its existence.

MANIAMANIA’s The Tenth House collection of fine and more elaborate diamond jewellery is available in stores and online at

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