There was once a time when people were Vegan for political, religious or moral reasons, although in today’s society you may have noticed the increasing popularity in veganism purely for the health benefits. Like me you have possibly scrolled through the countless Instagram profiles of many avid vegan’s followed and admired by many and wished you could follow suit though the thought of living off celery and carrot sticks isn’t exactly the most appealing. The rise in vegan-ism has bought about an array of blogs and health food shops making it more accessible and easier than ever before to take the leap into a vegan lifestyle, so why not start the New Year with a new approach to a healthy you and try vegan ready meals to enjoy the health benefits.

berry chia pudding

Veganism is a simple way to maintain a clean and healthy diet with wholesome food choices, giving us the nutrients we need to sustain energy throughout the day. Most of us associate veganism as a highly complicated diet that involves preparation: cutting meat, dairy and all products derived from animals from our diet, which we may think in turn starves our bodies of the vitamins we need. Although this culling of foods actually forces us to examine food more carefully and source produce that is wholesome, fresh and as close to its original form as possible. Turning vegan helps you to view food differently and be more creative in the kitchen, discovering that we may not need animal derived products to cook a beneficial and delicious meal. I can guarantee before long you will have your dinner guests saying “I would be vegan if I could eat like this every night”. With a range of recipes dedicated to vegans far and wide you’re bound to find something to suit your taste buds, why not check out the ideas on Amanda Meggison’s, This vegan savvy website shows you how to make everything from a chocolate peanut butter cheesecake to vegetable coconut curry.

Choc Chia Pudding

Turning vegan for the New Year doesn’t just stop with your health. It’s cost effective and allows you to support your local producers by buying locally. Large chain supermarket fruit and vegetables can bleed our wallets dry and as a vegan diet promotes the freshest produce as possible so why not pay your local fruit store or farmers market a visit? You get the benefit of buying produce fresh directly from the farmer or grower, plus you can be assured that the healthy food you have purchased hasn’t travelled long distances to get to you or undergone lots of packaging and treatments. The less time the produce takes from being harvested to being consumed means more of the nutrients are preserved which results in a healthier you! The vegan diet is not just a fad yet a way of life and when fully encompassed can help maintain the glow you deserve through a wholesome enriched diet.

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