One of the most important components to any wedding, would have to be the wedding cake. After all, the cutting of the cake photo is memory-box must have. The cake must look beautiful, and for anyone with a sweet tooth, it has to taste amazing as well. Also it’s preferable not to see any of this ‘faux-cake-layer’ business either. People need to be able to eat every single bit of what they see!

We have conveniently gathered a list of some of our favourite cake makers, who can cater to all flavours, so whether you like chocolate, vanilla or even a hint of citrus, these artisans-of-dough will create something personalised and perfect for your special day.

Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio
Why dream of Willy Wonka making your cake, when it could actually be a reality? Whilst he may not be decked out in purple, Darren Purchese conjures exquisite cake magic in his Sweet Studio in South Yarra. If you’re looking for the extravagant, the non-traditional and an unexpected blend of tastes and textures, he is the only man for you… your husband-to-be should be nervous.

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Let Them Eat Cake
Let Them Eat Cake is the place to go if you have a special memory shared with your loved one, that you’d immortalised in fondant…and then devoured. With pastry chefs who wield over 10 years of experience, no shape is too difficult, no colour too bright and the flavour is second-to-none.

To really stand out from the crowd, consider ordering a marcaron tower instead of a cake.  Your guests will be talking about it for weeks, because really, who doesn’t love a macaron? You can customise your tower to suit a colour theme, a certain design and still have the freedom to use a variety of flavours. Sounds delicious.

Le Petit Gateau
There surely needs to be a warning before you follow Pierrick Boyer on Facebook or Instagram. All his cake photos are absolutely mouth-watering. An award winning pastry chef and the creative mastermind behind Le Petit Gateau, Pierrick Boyer’s contemporary and minimalist cakes are works of art. These don’t read old-fashioned in the slightest. Boyer goes above and beyond to deliver cakes that are impeccably presented with fresh and creative flavours to suit every occasion.

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Ab Fab Cakes
For those who are dreaming of a fairytale wedding, Ab Fab Cakes may just be for you. With over one hundred cakes on display in their shop, you are sure to be inspired (and quite hungry). Make sure you book in for a free consultation, where you can try out all their flavours.


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