For most couples, your wedding day will be the most memorable day of your lives. Having a wedding photographer attend your special day means that the tears, the kisses, the expected and the unexpected is all captured on film and digital memory, allowing you and your loved one to reminisce whenever you’re feeling sentimental.


Melbourne based wedding photographer Laura McGuire, has been behind the lens at countless weddings. She has happily snapped hundreds of precious moments that might otherwise have become fragmented memories, or missed entirely. Same is the case with wedding photographer yarra valley. They know their job too well and can be roped in for your wedding day.


“I think that having a wedding photographer is not only important, but it’s a really lovely way to capture one of the most special days that you’re going to have. It’s a really beautiful experience for the couple, the friends and the family and it’s a good opportunity to get amazing photos of yourself. You don’t normally do that on a day-to-day basis, you don’t get someone to take all of these beautiful photos of you in your gown, with beautiful hair. It’s a really nice memory to hold on to.”


Wedding photography is no longer all about the static, staged shots that we might see in our parents’ albums. Contemporary photography captures the journey and the story that is unfolding within each individual shot. Upon chatting with Laura about this notion, she explained that photography has evolved and adapted to suit the modern age that we live in.


“With the evolution of photography, you’re able to take more photos and snap away and capture every moment, whereas twenty years ago you would maybe have one role of film that you would get twenty four photos from. Now, wedding photography is all about capturing the whole event. The whole day can be remembered instead of just those few photos of the couple”.

Laura’s style involves shooting weddings in a journalistic manner, capturing the journey of the day and telling a story through photos. “It makes the photos seem a little bit more authentic and real and you feel it’s real love, not just posed love for the camera”.


Having a wedding photographer present on your special day can be the difference between actually showing your friends and family the very moment that you first kissed as husband and wife, and attempting to explain that same moment from memory. Photographers like Laura, expose the moments between blinks; there is so much to be said for the little things the naked eye can miss, and as Laura’s photography proves, a pictures speaks a thousand words.


Laura has compiled ten of her favourite wedding photos for you to enjoy:

L_McGuireWeddingWeek2 1


“The two of them together in an arch, looking at one another…for me breathes romance.  Too lovely!”


L_McGuireWeddingWeek2 2

“Being guided down a beautiful and tranquil path, this one is quite symbolic for me.”

L_McGuireWeddingWeek2 3


“This cute little snap shows the “to-be-weds” getting ready together in the morning.  I love the non-traditional aspect of this moment.”

L_McGuireWeddingWeek2 4


“One of the most beautiful moments of getting married…putting on the dress!  I love the unity and trust between bride and bridesmaids shown here.”

L_McGuireWeddingWeek2 5


“The epic immense backdrop stuns be every time I look at this photo.  I suppose love should be just like that.”

L_McGuireWeddingWeek2 7

“These guys were a joy to shoot!  Relaxed and so obviously in love.  They couldn’t stop smiling at one another.  I think this photo embodies the mood of the day.”

L_McGuireWeddingWeek2 9

“A sneaky look captured at the end of the day near the water.  You can almost hear them say…’We did it!'”

L_McGuireWeddingWeek2 10


“I love the tranquility in this photo…like it could have been any moment in their lives; but just so happened to get captured on their wedding day.”

L_McGuireWeddingWeek2 6

“This group was a riot!  You could tell that they were all so close and loved to have a good laugh.  I love the cheeky bride”


L_McGuireWeddingWeek2 8

“I love the delicate nature of this moment…private, yet revealed and oh-so-cute!  Reminds me of a fairy-tale.”


To see more of Laura McGuire’s photography or to get in contact with her, visit:

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