Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 4.54.05 PMJessica Wilson co creator of the new must-app, Stashd, has been so kind to take the time to answer some questions for the Couturing Team. While galavanting between Australia and New York, where she produces fashion shows for the biggest names in the industry, her primary focus is said to be on the new easy swipe, easy shop concept of Stashd. Working with simplicity and functionality, this app sources from only the finest boutiques around the globe. With a quick swipe motion, stash or trash your findings.

What inspired the creation of the app?

Stashd was originally created as a bit of fun, it wasn’t until we saw an increasing amount of engagement from users in neighbouring countries and were featured as one of Apples Best New Apps in three different countries in the space of a few weeks did we start to take the concept from fun to business. Now, we want to create a centralised platform for fashion enthusiasts to shop, share and discuss all things fashion.

What is the selection process of the items featured in the app?

The items featured on the app are from our affiliated stores Net-a-porter, Mr Porter, and Farfetch. We specifically selected stores that ship worldwide, which has thus far worked to our advantage with users in over 80 countries! Stashd initially provides items at random, once users start to ‘Stash’ and ‘Trash’ items Stashd will gain a knowledge of your style and start sending you more of the content that appeals to you, which can be stored in your Stashd virtual wardrobe for style inspiration and purchase!

What are your long term goals for stashd? 

We ultimately want to establish a community for fashion enthusiasts to discuss, shop and share luxury items. We aim to continue to grow across the globe and align with more stores that reflect our brand identity. We have some exciting plans for the long term future!


Who are you hoping to work with in the future?

In the not so distant future we are hoping to integrate other platforms in support of the shift of the industry to online, first of which being bloggers. In particular Bryan Boy, Gary Pepper Girl and Margaret Zhang.

What are you currently working on? 

We are currently working on content for a competition for one of our users to win a luxury item from their Stash! So be sure to follow @stashdapp on Instagram for the latest.

If you want to get in on the fun, visit, or download it from the Apple App Store.

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