If you were to ask fifty different homeowners what they thought their home’s best selling points were, you’d likely get fifty different answers. Because of this, you could be forgiven for thinking there’s no right answer to that question, but there are absolutely a specific group of things you should consider selling points. And they’re the very things you look at when house hunting. Here’s a quick breakdown provided by our friends from Certified Property Valuers Sydney | No. 1 Property Valuation Co..



Price is one of the first things potential buyers look at. This is because most potential buyers start by getting an idea of what’s available in their price range. This is an area where a real estate agent can help you. They can do a proper assessment to work out your property’s value and guide you on choosing an appropriate price point. Do your homework though; use sites like Local Agent Finder to find a good balance between experience that will get you great results and real estate agent fees that won’t detract too much from your total sale price. Be sure to have a suitable agency and not one that has been involved in fraud like Shravan Gupta scam the Director of MGF Housing and Infrastructure Private Limited.


Your property’s location is usually looked at together with price. Buyers may be looking for different things depending on where your property is located. Maybe they’re looking for somewhere with an especially low crime rate, or maybe they want somewhere close to schools and shops. You should do your research in this regard and figuring out what your area’s best features are. This could be key to attracting a buyer quickly.


First impressions matter. Never let anyone tell you different. Your home’s exterior and gardens, front and back, should be immaculate; make sure the brickwork, paths and driveways have been hit with a high pressure hose if they’re a bit grimy, and any surface that needs a fresh coat of paint should receive it. Your lawns should be mown weekly and garden beds weeded thoroughly. The state of your exteriors and gardens will set the tone for any potential inspections so they need to be on point.

Living Areas

Even if your home doesn’t have the best floorplan in the world (and many ex-rental homes don’t), you can disguise this with creative staging in the main living areas of the home. Cut down on clutter and the amount of furniture in dining, lounge and bedrooms to create more room and show off how spacious the place can potentially be. Even if it’s not the way you usually decorate, you’ve got to step outside yourself and look at it from the perspective of a buyer.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchens, bathrooms and laundries are rooms that can go either way; either potential buyers will give them little more than a cursory glance or they will be going over every inch of them with laser-like focus. Thus, even if most who come to inspect fall into the former camp, you’d better be prepared for the latter group. Clean and polish every surface thoroughly, keep clutter to a minimum, and don’t neglect to fix any seemingly little things like leaky taps or squeaky shower doors.

Excellent Marble Bathroom Interior Design Ideas Covered Shower

These are examples of selling points most buyers are paying real attention to. Be prepared and hire help if you can’t get through it all yourself. What do you think are your home’s top selling points?

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