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Can you keep a secret? Because we’re about to deliver some juicy hair secrets courtesy of Victoria’s Secret and ELEVEN Australia!

There’s no denying that the ‘Angels’ who strut the runway glad in gorgeous Victoria Secret’s lingerie have phenomenal hair. Sexy, bouncy bed-hair has become synonymous with the Angel look . So if you’ve been craving the style for yourself, we have fabulous news!


ELEVEN Australia Co-Creative Director Joey Scandizzo is going to share with Couturing readers the easy steps to getting the ‘iconic Victoria Secret waves’. What’s even better is that the voluminous waves look good on everyone!

To achieve the ‘sexy and flattering’ style, follow these simple directions:
1.       To create that bounce and volume this style is recognised for, prepare the hair with a volumising mousse, such as ELEVEN Australia’s I WANT BODY Volume Foam ($20.95).
2.       Add some grit and texture to the style by applying a light mist of sea salt spray with ELEVEN Australia’s SEA SALT Texture Spray ($20.95).
3.       Blow dry the hair, ensuring plenty of volume at the roots.
4.       With a wide toothed comb, give you hair a clean, centre part.
5.       Section the hair down the middle and tong each section with a medium sized curling tong. The key to achieving the perfect wave is ensuring you tong all sections backwards (on both sides of the part).
Tip: You should also never take the curl higher than your eyes.
6.       Once tonging is complete, take a Mason Pearson hairbrush or paddle brush, and lightly brush over the curls to create soft waves
7.       For extra texture and volume, apply a dry shampoo, such as ELEVEN Australia’s GIVE ME CLEAN HAIR Dry Shampoo ($22.95), over the waves and finish with a light hairspray like ELEVEN Australia’s GIVE ME HOLD Flexible Hairspray ($21.95) and ELEVEN Australia MAKE ME SHINE Spray Gloss ($22.95)

Now we’ve told you our juicy secrets, there’s no reason for you not to have gorgeous sexy Angel hair too!

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