It may seem counter intuitive, but to be best in hair this season, put down your brush.

Trends in hair change with the season, just like fashion.  Ever since Céline sent impeccably dressed girls down the runway two years ago with what could only be described as ‘nothing’ hair, the trend for undone hair was cemented.


Where beautiful hair was once synonymous with luscious Victoria’s Secret curls, the cut due-jour is more on the minimalistic side. Sure, Kate Moss has been rocking grunge hair since before her first pair of Calvin’s, it’s only recently that not doing your hair transitioned from Courtney Love’s personal mantra to the only way to wear hair.

There are many permutations to the undone look.  It-girls Nicole Richie, Olivia Palermo and Alexa Chung are championing the long bob, refined beach waves.  While fashion blogger Margaret Zhang has her hair styled by Sydney stylist Paloma Rose Garcia at Oscar Oscar Paddington salon, and rocks purposefully tousled strands like no other.

On the Spring Summer 2014 runways, simple middle parts and otherwise effortless looking hair was announced loud and clear at Alexander Wang, Dion Lee and Chloé.  On a local front, bloggers, media and celebrities alike all strutted around Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia with tousled, textured and perfectly disheveled locks.

I visited the new Maison Tsumiki salon in Melbourne’s recently unveiled Emporium to assess my own adaptation of the no-hair, hair look. Salon Art Director and personal stylist to Lorna Jane when she’s in Melbourne Chris Geracitano tells me that a lot of his clients are asking for this hair look, including Miss Jane!

“A lot of my clients ask for a blunt cut that can be styled really effortlessly,” says Geracitano.  “A lot of people think you need a lot of texture to get that dishevelled look but it’s more about creating a soft base and then adding a texturised later.  You should be able to do it at home in no more than 10 minutes!”

Chatting to Geracitano, I discover that there are four key elements to keep in mind when going for an effortless hair style.

1. Nail the haircut.  Geracitano recommends visiting your stylist who can diagnose your hair type and create the right shape for you to style without hassle at home.  Blunt ends make for a easier base to get that dishevelled rock chic look.

2. Don’t be afraid of product. Many clients are afraid to touch their freshly clean hair or put any product in it for fear of the dreaded oil, admits Geracitano.  But product is the key to creating the correct hair foundation for your style to last longer.  Geracitano uses a mousse applied straight to the brush to my damp hair and finishes with a holding spray once dry.

3. Direction matters! The best hair tip I’ve heard in years – blow dry the front section of your hair forwards.  This will give more root lift and volume as well as create a less strict parting, an element which is key to achieving an undone hair look.  When using your straightener to create curls, curl hair directionally changing it up with each section.  Make sure you curl the front sections towards the face to avoid looking like Farah Fawcett.

4. Imperfect is perfect. This look is all about the imperfection, so don’t get too caught up on making every strand just so.  After washing and blow drying hair smooth, section the hair into four large sections and use a hot iron to create loose curls of varying sizes.  The faster you pull the straightener through the hair the softer the curl will be.  After you leave curls to cool, brush them out for an even more tousled look.

What’s the biggest no no when it comes to creating the no-hair, hair look?  Never use hairspray first, reveals Geracitano.  Using hairspray first will only make hair tacky.  Instead, after you’ve curled and brushed, finish with a hairspray or texture spray like Kérastase Couture Styling VIP spray to keep the style in place.


Whether you part in the middle or the side, keep it wavy or shiny and straight the fash pack have spoken, the message is loud and clear: the only way to do your hair….is not to.

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