With all the attention on the big names like Rodarte, Balenciaga or Marc Jacobs it’s easy to miss the new names during NYFW – or any of the fashion weeks. Couturing takes the hard work out of discovering your next fashion fixation, bringing you four names you need to know out of NYFW 2013. One is a debutant and the others are only in their second or third years of Fashion Week education; Public School teach men how to dress for the streets, Susan Woo makes her first outing, whilst Brandon Sun makes his second solo collection and Assembly displays their third ever collection.

Public School is in their second year, and with just one showing and one week under their belts, they’ve made an excellent second impression. Third time’s a charm. Lighting up the blogs last week, Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne bring suiting, street and leather into one dark and impressive collection. The duo seamlessly combines leather goods with layering and reconstructed uniform pieces for a signature look that will surely only get stronger.

public school 3

Public School Fall 2013

Brandon Sun is only in his first year, and with his second showing ever at this year’s Fall NYFW he’s proving quite a name for himself as a solo designer. An ex-furrier to J.Mendel and Oscar de la Renta, Sun solidifies his talents as an all-round designer already. With the Fall collection boasting a comprehensive amount of pieces from basic slim slacks and fur shawls to stunning full length cardigans and layered dresses, the collection was something more of the work of an established designer. Sun’s look will definitely hold its own over time.

Brandon Sun 1

Brand Sun 2

Brandon Sun Fall 2013

Susan Woo was a debutant at this year’s Fall NYFW. Her first outing was obvious, but stood out from the others with brighter pops in a sports luxe look. The collection had everything a collection needed though; modern and structured trenches, easy office dresses and the first signs of a signature look. Couturing is expecting more next year.

Susan Woo 1

Susan Woo Fall 2013

Assembly presented their third ever offerings. Fall grounded designer Greg Armas’ look, a very structured utilitarian aesthetic that had a hint of softness. Bold shapes and lighter shades stood out from the rest of the dark and paired back collections of Armas’ colleagues. Presenting both men’s and women’s in one was a daring move, as Armas’ shone with layering and unisex numbers in his bold collection. Assembly presents itself as a serious label and one to watch; no nervous jitters here.

Assembly 1

Assembly 2

Assembly Fall 2013

Next Fashion Week, find some time to review the new talents and fresh faces whilst also checking out your favourites. Be sure to follow up next season on Couturing’s picks also, we’re expecting big things from these guys.

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