Monday 4th
La Boheme

Have you always wanted to go to the Opera but have never known where to begin? La Boheme teams periodic detail with styles that will have you yearning for the days of culottes. La Boheme transports you back to 1830s Paris effortlessly, as if you were witnessing history itself. Ooh, la la!

Location: Palace Brighton Bay
Dates: 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6th March
Price: $11-$15


Tuesday 5th
Even Handed

Gay Marriage is unfortunately, still considered a controversial issue. Professional photographer Chris Samy, in his exhibition Even Handed, focuses less on gender and more on the love in relationships and marriage. Each photograph symbolises equality, passion and acceptance with a black ribbon.

Location: Gasworks Arts Park, 21 Graham St, Albert Park
Dates: 4-24th March
Price: FREE


Wednesday 6th
‘Shop Here for Value and Friendly Service’: Milk Bars

Bring back the days of riding your bike to the milk bar and spending your pocket money on Big M’s and a lolly-filled paper bag. Australian illustrator Eamon Donelly, chose to ditch the paintbrushes for a camera and photographed Melbourne’s local milk bars. Each photograph represents Melbourne’s culture with vibrant colour and ambiance.

Location: Carbon Black, 88 High St, Prahran
Dates: 6-10th March
Price: FREE


Thursday 7th
Jackson Eaton “Melfies”

Jackson Eaton opens his exhibition, ‘Melfies’ this Thursday with shots that seem all too familiar. ‘Melfies’ are a pun upon the ‘selfie’ and the trending ‘meme’ photos. Eaton plays upon these two Internet sensations whilst incorporating his own personal twist. The exhibition looks to pull a crowd so come along, stretch your right arm out and take a memento. It’s all about you, baby.

Location: Chapter House Lane, cnr Swanston and Flinders St
Dates: 8th-31st March
Price: FREE


Friday 8th
Touche Hombre Rooftop Mexican Party

Experience Mexico in the heart of the Melbourne CBD at Touche Hombre’s Rooftop party. Mexican street food chefs from London and New York, are teaming up with Touche Hombre’s resident chefs to bring you a night that will leave your tastebuds wanting more. These south-of-the-border treats aren’t the only drawing card as classic Mexican horror flicks will also be screened. This Friday promises one big fiesta so grab your hombres and head on down.

Location: Cnr Lonsdale St and Tattersalls Lane
Dates: from 7pm- late, 8th March
Price: Free entry


Saturday 9th
Fashion On Film: Deeper In Vogue

Pop in to ACMI during L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival and view a package of four influential fashion films. Each film explores not just the clothes but the designers, the history and the cultural influences. Watch what it takes to get something from the workshop to the runway, from Karl Lagerfield to Diane Von Furstenberg.

Location: ACMI
Dates: 8th-13th March
Price: 1 session pass: $15 4 session pass: $48


Sunday 10th
Be A Tourist In Your Hometown

Why not go for a wander around Melbourne or even in your suburb? Book a walking tour and learn the history of where you live. Don’t forget your camera!


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